I've had one breast augmentation and one revision and needing another revision I can't figure out what's going wrong? (photo)

I had implants put in may 19th of 2012. They are silicone with 475cc on left and 450cc on right. 4 weeks after surgery I had slight symmastia. When laying down my 475cc implant would slide all the way up to my neck. I had my second surgery in feb. He fixed the pocket by doing capsuloraphy on the left side and tacked the implant to my rib. my left breast is squared off and going to the left, way bigger than the right. My right breast appears lower either because of sagging or it bottomed out?

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Asymmetry after revision breast implant surgery

Several things contribute to asymmetry, including the shape of the rib cage, so it is not usually possible to get a perfect correction with different sized implants as was done in your case. It sounds like your plastic surgeon is willing to work with you to get it as good as possible.

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