I Just Had Breast Augmentation and There's a Lot of Bruising, Is This Normal?

its been a week and a half since my surgery i had little bruising here and there but today just look bad like i got punched in my breasts can I or should I ask any doctor since my surgeons office is closed? This doesn't seem normal? What happens of blood clogs not sure the correct term thank you?

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Significant bruising after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. Post-Operative bruising and swelling is normal. Patients do experience a wide range of the two and without pictures it would be hard to determine. My advise would be to follow up with your plastic surgeon immediately. Monitor for signs and symptoms of a hematoma which could include but are not limited to: increased swelling and asymmetry, increased bruising and pain, and possible leaking from the incision site. This is a condition that needs immediate surgical interventions. Should you not be able to get into see you Plastic Surgeon I highly suggest following up with your primary care doctor. I hope this helps you and good luck! Fadi Chahin MD, FACS, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Diplomat-American Board of Surgery, Diplomat-American Board of Plastic Surgery

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Significant bruising after breast augmentation may be indirect sign of hematoma.

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Significant bruising after a breast augmentation occasionally occurs. It sometimes it accompanied a hematoma which demands surgical treatment. You should return to see your plastic surgeon.

Bruising after augmentation

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Without timeline photos, it's hard to give an opinion, but from what you're describing, you might have internal bleeding called a "hematoma".  If so, that blood needs to be evacuated.  If you leave a lot of blood in the pocket around the implants, your chance of getting a capsular contracture in the future is very high.  Please call your PS and make an appointment  ASAP.

Bruising 1 week postop

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When a hematoma, or blood that clots around the implant, is present, it will give you a lot of pain, and your breast with the hematoma will be much bigger than the breast without the hematoma. But you may not notice any bruising in the first few days after surgery.

At a week and a half, if you have a lot of bruising, with pain and that breast is bigger, then you may have a hematoma. This type of hematoma needs to be evacuated in surgery.

I recommend seeing your Plastic Surgeon ASAP .

Bruising After Breast Augmentation

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Bruising after breast augmentation is not uncommon.  Severe bruising needs to to be evaluated to make sure that this is not a collection of blood around the implant (hematoma).   This needs treatment to prevent infection and capsular contracture.

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