Breast Augmentation and Left Sternum Pain

I have been having terrible reproducible pain on the left side of my sternum where my ribs connect. The pain radiates to my left arm and back and makes it difficult for me to move. The only thing that will help is NSAID's and heating pads. Very difficult for me to get out of bed, bend over, move my left arm freely, and take deep breaths. I had my breast augmentation on March 8, submuscular. Was 32A. 350cc silicone. This pain started around March 19-20th. Any advice?


(2 weeks post op)

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Sternal and Rib Pain After Breast Augmentation

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It appears you are having pain at the costal cartilage that allows your ribs to attach to your sternum.  This would cause pain in the medial sternal area and radiate to your back.  If it hurts everytime you take a deep breath, then you probably have some cartilage instability.  This is not unusual and should take care of itself with some rest and patience.  It could be a rib dissociated with the cartilage as well, but the treatment is the same.  Rest and it should get better on its own.  I would bring it to your surgeon's attention, but patience and time should help this.

Costochondral pain

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Costochondral pain after breast augmentation can happen. Rest and NSAID's may help.  But I would check with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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