Should I Wait On Breast Augmentation With Possibly Having Herpes?

I'm scheduled 2 have breast augmentation in 3 days and so i've stopped taking all medications except tylenol 15 days ago. Today i went to the gyno and even though the results are back in 2 weeks she has prescripmed me with Acyclovir in case rash i have is herpes. Medication for after surgery is cephalexin and i'll be taking vicodin for pain. Should i wait for my results to see if its herpes and then take the Acyclovir & have my surgery in 3 days?can i combine meds?whats recomended 2 do?

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Hopefully you postponed

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Your plastic surgeon needs to know the status of your rash before surgery.  I don't believe many of us would operate on someone with an active herpes infection.  Follow up with your gynecologist until it resolves.  You may also need prophylactic treatment to prevent a flare up after surgery.  Good luck!

Should I Wait On Breast Augmentation With Possibly Having Herpes?

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My vote - WAIT! As the previous expert posters stated you need to discuss with your chosen PS. This is a very serious issue. 

Herpes and Breast Augmentation

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Dear Leenie1,  Thanks for your question.  When ever you go into surgery, you want to be at your very best to minimize the risk of having complications.  Since your surgery is elective and the results from the tests your OB-GYN has ordered will not be back by the time your surgery is scheduled, I would recommend you delay your surgery.  Please discuss this with your plastic surgeon who is a medical professional and will keep your information private.  Also, discuss your concerns with your GYN who can advise you when they feel it is best for you to proceed with any elective procedures.  Hope this helps.

Herpes and breast augmentation

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I fyou have a herpes outbreak ( i.e. rash), you may want to consider re-scheduling your breast augmentation until that resolves..

Breast Augmentation and Herpes?

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Thank you for the question.

I am sure that your OB/GYN and  Plastic Surgeon will have recommendations for you which will be more precise than what I can offer online given that they have examined you and know your situation.

Generally speaking however  breast augmentation is a completely elective operation which should be performed when you are at your best physical, emotional, and psychosocial state.  Having an active infection is an example of not being in the best health possible and I would suggest postponing the breast augmentation surgery.

Remember, that any type of surgical procedure is stressful;  it is best to have it performed when you are in the best shape possible. Again, I was just discussing these issues carefully with your physicians.

I hope this helps.

Risk of rash on breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question.

If the rash that you are experiencing has any open wounds (blisters or sores) associated with it, then I would not perform breast augmentation until the rash is resolved.

Breast augmentation is a completely elective procedure and involves the placement of an implant which could potentially get infected.

My advice would be to wait but obviously discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Elective surgery and infections

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It seems unanimous that you should have waited and personally, I hope you did until you are the "best that you can be" as it eliminates the "what if's".  Though I can't imagine how you could get an herpes infection on your breasts, its always best to be conservative and in your best shape you can be for elective surgery such as an augmentation.  Can people with active infecitons be operated on?  Yes, but why take the risks of the unknown.

Herpes should cause a delay in Breast Augmentation

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Hi there-

As I always say to my own patients,... Let's pause to consider the goal here...

If we can assume your goal is to safely have a breast augmentation that results in lovely breasts you are happy with for many years, then there can be no doubt that your best bet is to delay your surgery until this is resolved.

Best of luck

Breast augmentation in the face of possible herpes infection

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If you have an active herpes infection, you should definitely consider postponing surgery until the infection/out break has resolved. After all, this is a totally elective procedure. Why take the chance of having a system infection, which herpes can be, that can effect your implants/surgery. The stress associated with surgery can be related to a herpes out break, so if you do test positive for herpes, you consider taking acyclovir or other antiviral medications around surgery as prophylaxis.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

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