Had Breast Implants Removed Because they Were Causing Neck and Shoulder Pain from Bad Posture, Could this have Benn Avoided?

I am a software designer who works sitting down, often unconsciously slouched. I had breast augmentation this January, but had to take them out in July because I developed severe neck, shoulders and back strains in the following months post-op. Symptoms were strangely similar to that of TOS. I'm so disappointed because I'd always wanted a full figure but I could 'not' do my job with the implants. For sometime, walking and sitting down was hard! I'm pretty petite, but why me? What happened?

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Breast Implants Removed...

I'm sorry to hear about your disappointing experience  after breast augmentation surgery.

Unfortunately, you will find that it is not possible to explain your situation  without knowing  the exact  details  of the procedure performed.  As you recall from the response to your question regarding thoracic outlet syndrome, the anatomy involves with breast augmentation dissection is generally separate from that involved with the thoracic outlet syndrome.

Generally speaking, the symptoms that you describe are hard to connect to your breast implants. It does sound however like your posture was altered to the point where you suffered from musculoskeletal discomfort at work.  I wonder if removal of the implants could have been avoided if more emphasis has been placed on strengthening your neck back and shoulder areas,  to help improve posture and avoid symptoms similar to TOS. This pre-operative strength training ( for example weight training or yoga) may be a thought if you ever decide to undergo breast reaugmentation.

I hope this helps.


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