Breast augmentation 8/29 looks horrible I don't know what happened? Please help! Fixable? How much? I'm so depressed! (photo)

Mentor 500 high profile silicone implants under muscle bottom nipple cut done 8/29. They don't hurt, left one if a little softer but both feel pretty real. *Want both to look like the left one, I know I will need a lift to at some point. Its like the right one can't/wont fall & get trapped, looks squared at the bottom, the only area the boob feels weird/harder/rubber like. There is a indent under my nipple. Can and how can this be fixed? Is this his fault? Should I see someone else? Cost? :(

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I am having trouble understanding these photos

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What was your size and shape before you had surgery. Was there significant differences?  Consult the Smart Beauty Guide for more information and if you need a second opinion please find an ASAPS surgeon in your area. 

Breat aug 8/29. Looks horrible. Do i see someone else?

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It appears you had a significant asymmetry preoperatively so it is unrealistic to think they will look the same after surgery without a lift. It's just not possible. Since the deformity worsens with flexion it is most likely due to persistent attachment between the pectoralis muscle and the overlying breast tissue. However, only a physical exam would be able to distinguish this for sure Improvement would be likely if these two planes were separated but your risk of capsular contracture would be higher with more of the implant subgladular. However, to improve things with out a lift this would be necessary. I would recommend sticking with the same surgeon and having him go a head and do a lift. The left side looks good and he was handicapped on the right. You will get a much better shape and the scars will fade in time. Shape is always aesthetically a much higher priority than having a scar. A pretty shape with a scar is better than a bad shape without one.

Grady B. Core, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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