Sensitive Nipples Post-op - Will This Go Away?

I Had a Breast Augmentation 3weeks Ago Was a Small B and Got 340cc Thur Saxillary? Now I Have Really Sensitive Nipples. Will this go away any time soon? They also got a lot bigger and very sensitive. I thought this wouldn't happen since it was through the axillary (saline) any advice? Is this normal?

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Nipple sensation

Yes, this usually goes away.  This is usually due to nerves that are healing and when nerves heal they can be more sensitive.  This can take a long time, however - up to 6 months.

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Extra sensitive nipple after breast implants

After breast augmentation the breast tissue and nerves within will be under stretch and subject to swelling and bruising. During this early period you can experience extra sensitive nipples, and sometimes some reduction in sensation as the tissues relax and heal. The process will take several weeks for all to feel normal again. You have also noticed that the nipple areolar will expand as the breast is enlarged with the implant. Most often the aesthetics will balance out and your breast will look fine.

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Hypersensative Nipples Not Uncommon after Augmentation

Hypersensative nipples following augmentation are not unusual.  This almost always returns to normal with time.  The good news is that this means that you will not have any diminished sensation in your nipples with time.  Wearing a bra to prevent fabric from rubbing across your nipples may be useful.

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Breast augmentation and nipple sensitivity

Nipple hypersensitivity is often encountered with various types of breast operations.  Yes, this generally gets better with time.  As the swelling improves the hypersensitivity often improves.  You should consider padding your post op bra with a small gauze to help.  Additionally, you can start to desensitize your nipples.  This sounds strange but does work.  It involves progressive increase of stimulation until sensitivity improves. 

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Sensitivity after Breast Augmentation

Everyone's advice is right on.  In order to place the implant, the tissues are stretched.  This also stretches the sensory nerves.  These nerves in turn start sending altered signals to the brain.  There are a variety of results, including increased sensitivity, less sensitivity or altered sensitivity.  In the vast majority of cases this is temporary.



Good Luck.

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Nipple sensitivity after breast augment

This is very common but will not resolve without your intervention. Although uncomfortable at first you need to massage the area a few times a day. The sensory nerve has been stretched and is sending a distress signal to the brain. The nerve needs to be re educated to understand this is the new normal. It will take a few weeks with active massage to resolve. If you do not massage it will remain this way.

Begin your massage and follow up with your doctor.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful

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Nipple Massage for hypersensitivity after breast augmentation

I agree with the other PS posts. Although it is temporary it can be bothersome. 

However you can massage them regularly ( 2-3 times a day) to desensitize the nipples and speed the recovery.

Good luck! 

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Axillary approach does not mean no issues

No matter where the incision is made, a pocket as large as the implant is being made during your augmentation, and it is during this creation that the tiny skin nerves can be stretched or disrupted causing numbness, sensitivity or pain. These are usually temporary, lasting weeks to months.

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Hypersensitive nipples post-augmentation

Sensation to the nipples after breast augmentation is variable. One can have normal sensation, hypersensitive ven painful nipples, or hyposensitive or numb nipples. It can even vary from one side to the other with the same procedure. In general, while not predictable or controllable, these sensory changes will diminish and the majority of nipples go back to their usual sensation. It might take a number of weeks or even months for the nerves to either regain sensation or be less reactive.

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Sensitive nipples after augmentation

It is very common to hear that patients have very sensitive nipples after breast augmentation,  Most of the time the hypersensitivity disappears within 6 weeks after surgery, so there is no reason to worry right now.  Keep your doctor posted and  I think this will resolve.

Francisco Canales, MD
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