I Had Got Breast Augmentation 2010, Two Days Later I Was Rushed to ER with Hematoma, 6 Months Later....?!

I had got breast augmentation 2010, two days later i was rushed to ER with hematoma, 6 months later I found a lump in my breast and it was REALLY painful, shooting pain to my nipple for months... I went to my plastic surgeon and he had told me I have Neuroma. He wanted to go back and open me up to find the “Neuroma”… I ended up going to a different plastic surgeon to get my revision surgery due to lack of confidence. But is this normal? If not, what kind of actions should or could I take?

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Very unlikely to find a neuroma

I agree with Dr Schuster it is very rare and very hard to find if at all. Did the surgeon explain how he will locate the neuroma?

get a second opinion!


Good luck!

Neuroma after BA

True neuromas after augmentation should be very rare. It's not too uncommon to have a little bit of lingering shooting pains for up to 6 months after surgery. I would hesitate before having surgery specifically to locate a  neuroma. Neuromas are usually small and could be very difficult to find, leading to a lot of possible damage and still no relief. Get some other opinions first.

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