I Believe Right Saline Implant has Leaked/Deflated 2 Weeks Post-Op, Is It Possible this Soon?

I received 275cc saline moderate round under the muscle. I was a small a cup. Up until yesterday my right breast (dominate side) has been, more swollen and higher. However, I'm beginning to notice that the right breast has lost volume and almost looks like it did pre-op. I've noticed less pain and discomfort almost immediately. Did my implant leak this soon? My PS is in another state so I know I need to schedule an appt ASAP but I'm anxious to know!

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Implant leak

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It is quite possible that your implant leaked. If you notice the breast ahs no volume than that jsut gave you the answer.  You should contact your surgeon ASAP.

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Early saline leakage from breast implant.

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It is certainly possible that the implant has leaked. This may be due to a manufacturing defect or from trauma to the implant during the procedure. If it is a true deflation, it will require replacement of the implant to correct. I recommend that you contact your plastic surgeon and send them photos so that they can see the difference.

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Saline implants can leak at any point if the shell ruptures

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There are two possibilities.  1) you had a lot of swelling after surgery and your pocket was tight and now that that has improved you are seeing less swelling.  2) your saline implant has deflated.

When a saline implant deflates it tends to deflate all of the way as opposed to just partially.  If your breast that you are concerned of is still quite a bit larger than it was before surgery than it may have just been swelling and the implant may be intact.  When you feel your breast you should be able to feel a full implant.  If you do not feel any implant that may be a sign that it has deflated.

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Dr Repta

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Sudden change in size of your implant may indicate a rupture

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If you suddenly noticed that one breast seems to be the size it was "pre-op", than it is likely there was a deflation. Deflation of a saline implant can occur from a leak and may take a few days to a few months to deflate. More rarely, an implant can rupture as a result of a trauma or accident. Implants can leak if teh shell weakend over time. This is why the implants are warrantied for 10 years because the rate of leaking or rupture is significantly higher after 10 years.  Also, an implant can leak if the shell was damaged during manufacturing or during insertion. There are cases where a suture needle accidentally made a hole in the implant and it may not be realized until the implant deflates a few days or weeks later.  Obviously, see your surgeon. The implant will need to be replaced, but it is not an emergency and there is no danger to you.

I Believe Right Saline Implant has Leaked/Deflated 2 Wks Post-Op, Is It Poss this Soon?Answer:

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It is very rare but totally possible!!! If it is your implant you’ll be able to tell. Send a picture to your surgeon and I suggest you fly back and have them exchange it. If you were my patient I would not charge you a doctors fee and the implants have a great warranty! Sorry to hear this happening so soon but again, it is very rare!

John J. Corey, MD
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Immediate change in size after breast enhancement

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If you noticed that your breast size was suddenly different than it was before than that sounds like acute deflation of a saline implant may be a possibility.  It is quite unusual for it to happen right after surgery, but not impossible, and nothing to worry about if so. One of the nice things about saline breast implants is that you "know" when there is a deflation- it is obvious. It could be an unseated valve diaphragm or a leaky valve, or otherwise defective implant.  In any case, the treatment for such is to remove and replace the implant in a simple - less than one hour procedure.  I hope this helps!


James F. Boynton, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Breast Implant Leakage?

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, without direct examination no one can tell you if you have a leakage or not.

I agree with your plan to follow-up with your plastic surgeon for evaluation.

I hope this helps.

Saline Breast Implant Rupture/Deflation

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Without pictures and an examination, it is difficult to tell if your saline breast implant has ruptured.

However, it is not impossible for a saline breast implant to be ruptured two weeks following surgery.  This could be due to an intraoperative rupture or a defective saline breast implant.

It is also possible that the loss of superior pole fullness and decreasing pain are due to the natural "settling" of you submuscular implants.

If you are concerned, as it sounds like you are, it is best to make an appointment to see your plastic surgeon so that you can be examined.  He or she should be able to tell you if you have had a rupture and will then be able to recommend the correct treatment.

Jaime Perez, M.D.

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