Doctors Discriminate Against Transgenders Wanting Breast Augmentation

I would like to have breast augmentaion done but it seems like a lot of Doctors discriminant against transgenders. You have all sworn "THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH" and to deny breast augmentation to a trans female is a violation of that oath. You should not be putting your personal views above the needs of the patient. This discriminant gives your entire profession a black eye.

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Transgender specialists

Not all plastic surgeons descriminate against transgenders wanting surgery.  You just have to find the right doctor.  Some have practices which specialize in transgender surgery, and have for decades.

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I have performed transgender breast augmentation for over 20 years!

I am sorry your personal experiences have been so unfulfilling that you now want to vilify our entire profession. Not every one of us deserves this black eye! There are a few plastic surgeons who not only perform transgender breast augmentation, but do so with a staff and office philosophy that values each individual patient as a person worthy of our respect and best professional capabilities, regardless of their gender identity.

From the receptionist that answers our phones, to our office administrative staff, to our nursing staff, to our anesthesia providers, and including my associate and myself, Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, Ltd. is one practice that prides itself on its non-discrimination. Neither Dr. Gervais nor I perform genital transgender surgery, as we have not had the training or experience in those specialized operations, but we both perform non-genital transgender surgeries of all kinds for both M-F and F-M trans patients.

I have lectured on non-genital transgender surgery internationally, but have not yet published on transgender topics in the plastic surgery literature, and teach at the yearly transgender health symposium held here in Minneapolis.

Since my practice is entirely cosmetic (elective, not insurance-reimbursible) in nature, I do not require letters of referral/approval, but do generally follow WPATH guidelines as a minimum standard in my own patient assessments. Our consultations are complimentary, and wherever any transgender patient is in their own transition is appropriate for information. I would be happy to see you anytime!

See, we're not all bad! 

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Breast Augmentation and Transgenders

Your comments are truly heartbreaking.Please consult with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons until you find one that you are comfortable with. I would also suggest that you ask friends for references.  You will find the right  Surgeon as we are out here to help. I also require specific clearances prior to performing breast augmentation on a transgender patient as your overall health and well being are what is most important.  Please do not give up.  Best wishes!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Doctors Discriminate Against Transgenders Wanting Breast Augmentation.

Thank you for your statement.  It is true, there are a number of physicians who are reluctant to care for transgender people.  I have even used your same statement with regard to the Hippocratic Oath!  At my office in the Northern California Bay Area, I have cared for hundreds of transgender people and I really cherish this part of my practice.  In fact, I travel around the nation speaking to transgender individuals regarding surgical services for both feminization and/or masculinization.  I think that as time goes on though, things will change.  I already see a trend happening and that insurance companies are now beginning to get on board with the transgender related surgeries!!

Joel B. Beck, MD, FACS
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Transgender breast augmentation

I agree that this is a sensitive topic among physicians and transgenders - as you can see by the lack of responses.  I agree that it is important as a plastic surgeon not to isolate transgenders.  Doing so will force individuals like yourself to travel abroad for surgery or have surgery done in the USA with poorly trained (non-plastic surgeons) and place your health at risk. I perform transgender breast augmentations in my practice and I do require several things prior to surgery such as a letter from the physician overseeing the transformation indicating compliance with the psychological and hormonal program.  These requirements help to ensure that my patients are ready for the surgery from a physical and psychological standpoint. 

Matthew Schulman, MD
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Black eye

I am really sorry you had to experience this . i assure majority of the doctors do not discriminate. 

Aamod Rao, MD
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