I Had a Breast Augmenation 3 Weeks Ago but I Still Feel That my Breasts Are Small? (photo)

I am 5 ft 8 tall weighing 145 lbs. My first choice was 440cc implants but after operation my surgeon he couldn't place 440cc since my pocket was small. So he placed 375 cc. Now I think that my breasts are still small compared to my body structure

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You can get larger implants both in diameter and in projection if you so choose

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Its sometimes hard to visualize what your breasts will look like in the early phase of healing so give it more time as it is still very soon after your surgery.  If, once healing has occurred, you decide you would like bigger implants you can certainly do so.  From your photos it appears that you could accommodate an implant with a wider diameter and I am almost certain one with greater projection as well.  The recovery for an implant exchange is also easier than your first augmentation.

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Dr Remus Repta 

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Too Small after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for your question and photos.

You should be aware that a significant percentage of patients at your stage of recovery will feel that they are "too  small". 
I have found,  that with time,  as breast implants “settle”  that the resulting breast size/shape seem larger. You may be able to see this for yourself if you stand in front of a full-length mirror and “pull up on the breast skin and down on the breast implant";  as the breast implant moves into the lower part of the pocket and the nipple/areola move up,  the breast may appear to be larger in appearance.

I would suggest you wait at least 3 to 6 additional months before you make any decisions regarding the results of your breast augmentation surgery.  This waiting time will allow you to (potentially) physically and psychologically adapt to the new body image.  

Best wishes.

Breasts don't get bigger after surgery, they get smaller (as the swelling goes away)

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Shortly after surgery your breasts are swollen and their size will decrease after some time.  In general swelling is mostly gone after about two weeks and then it takes about 3 months for implants to settle down.  The volume goes down when the swelling goes away.  Thus if you feel you  are too small now, you will likely not be happy as time goes on.  

At this stage you need to wait until you are fully healed and then you can talk to your surgeon about the possibility of implant exchange, and possibly he explain to you why exactly he changed the implants.


Martin Jugenburg, MD

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Early post-op from breast augmentation

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You look like you just had the implants placed. Give them time to settle before considering that they are too small for your frame.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts too small after surgery

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From your photo, your skin is still tight which distorts the shape of your breasts.  As things settle and relax, the appearance often looks bigger.  However, I agree that your anatomy could "accommodate" a larger size implant if you desire.  It would be easy to change an implant with rapid healing, but you should wait several months to see the full effect of this surgery before deciding.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Too Small Breast Augmentation??

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Judging size after breast augmentation takes time and adjustment to the new look. But if you feel they are too small now, unfortunately they will not get bigger later. But with more time you may feel they are still a good fit for your body.

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