What position am I supposed to sleep in after having breast aug/lift, TT, Lipo on hips/flanks and a BBL?

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Sleeping following breast, abdominal and buttock surgery

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Thank you for your question. It is one I often hear in my practice when patients desire surgery on multiple areas.  I routinely perform breast and abdominal surgery combined because patients can position themselves for comfortable sleep and not interfere with the recovery of both areas.  However, I do not recommend buttock surgery combined with abdominal tummy tuck or breast augmentation because the recovery positioning following buttock augmentation should avoid sitting or pressure on the buttocks.  I require my patients to avoid sitting following buttock augmentation for two weeks.  I ask them to stand, lay flat on their abdomen or lay on their side.  I would advise you to break up the procedures into two separate surgeries.

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Sleep position after TT, breast augmentation and BBL

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  • There will be no comfortable position.
  • Lying on your back will be the best available
  • The pressure on the buttocks from this position makes survival of the fat transplants less likely.
  • A wiser choice is having the tummy tuck, lift, liposuction and augmentation - and the BBL later.
  • It also reduces your risk of complications.

How to sleep after a tummy tuck, breast work and a BBL?

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Dear ChristiAshley,

Here in lies the problem. This is a great question. 

It has been shown that surgeries can be combined and done at the same time safely. It is recommended that the total time in the operating room not exceed 6 hours in an outpatient setting. It may be possible that a tummy tuck, breast augmentation with lift and BBL be done at the same time as it can all be accomplished in less than 6 hours.

However, in my opinion, the best results come with staging the procedures. I like to do the BBL first, as I can liposuction your entire trunk and harvest the maximal amount of fat possible to transfer. Many times that transfer of fat includes some fat to the sides or the hips and buttocks area, especially if I am changing their shape from a square shape to a "A" shape. So I ask my patients not to sit and to sleep on their bellies for at least two weeks to maximize fat graft survival. You do not want that pressure on your buttocks for the first couple of weeks after the fat transfer to maximize fat graft survival rate. When you do a tummy tuck you will be sitting and sleeping on your back in a flexed position which puts pressure on your buttocks. So to answer your question, it is highly unlikely that all 4 procedures can be done well within 6 hours total anesthesia time by one surgeon. For the best results, I suggest you do the BBL first followed by the tummy tuck and breast augmentation and lift a few weeks to a couple months later as these have the best post op positioning combinations.

Hope this helps and best of luck.

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What position am I supposed to sleep in after having breast aug/lift, TT, Lipo on hips/flanks and a BBL?

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   This will require some creativity, but there are ways to help with this.  Ask your surgeon as he or she should know all about recovery and the surgeries as well.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

What position to sleep in after TT, breast aug, BBL, and lipo?

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There is no good position to sleep in with this combination of procedures. I recommend you have these procedures broken up into two stages in order  to reduce your risks and to allow a more tolerable recovery. Discuss the pros and cons of all of these issues with your surgeon. 

Activity including positioning after mommy makeover should be prescribed by your surgeon.

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In general, you should try to avoid significant pressure to any area that was operated upon. I can see how this would create a logistic problem for you. Nevertheless, this is something you should discuss with your surgeon as he may have his own preferences.

How to sleep after having breast aug/lift, TT, Lipo on hips/flanks and a BBL?

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Trying to sleep after having breast augmentation with lift and a Brazilian but lift is not only difficult to achieve comfortably but can adversely effect your recovery. Lying on your stomach or on your back will create pressure on your newly operated on areas. Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your goals. Personally I would recommend not having procedures on your front and back at the same time.

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