Had Breast Aug, But Want More Fullness? (photo)

Previously a small C wanting a full C small D. Went with under the muscle 397cc moderate plus and my breast look the same just slightly fuller. My breast are also a bit pointy and I feel that even with the settling they will look small. I can fill my 36C bras nicely now, but when i don't wear a bra they don't look as pretty . I am 3.5wks post op. I was hoping that with the implant I chose it would have given me a fuller look at the bottom.

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Breast implants too small

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The results you have now are perfectly ok for the time frame you have indicated.

It is difficult to compare without seeing your pre-op photos, but i suspect placing 390cc implants would make a huge difference. Get your surgeon to show your before and after photos on a split screen and I am sure you will be happy with your choice of implant.

If not, then you and your surgeon can discuss upsizing at a later date.


Good luck.

Breast Augmentation Size Change

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Thank you for sharing your photos.

Usually, it takes around 3 months for the implants to take their natural position within the pockets; your breasts will lose a bit of volume from the upper quadrant to be added to the lower quadrant. In other words, the implants will drop a little to assume their final position.


As for the overall fullness/size, I believe that if you need to have larger breasts then you will have to consider a revision where you will replace your implants. Nonetheless, you will have to wait to assume a full recovery before you can undergo a secondary surgery.


Thank you for your question and best of wishes to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Breast augmentation post op changes

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The implants will settle and soften over the next 2-5 months. You will see slightly less fullness on the top of your breasts and increased volume in the lower aspect of the breasts. The "pointy" look will also change just with time. Reserve your opinion of the results until you are at least 3 months post op. My guess is that you will be much happier with the results then. 

Want more fullness after breast augmentation

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Generally speaking, it is too early to determine the final shape of the breast. It usually takes up six months before the implants settles and the swelling subsides. During that period the breast shape will continue to improve. I suggest to wait, follow all your post  operative instructions and appointments. 

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Early post breast augmentation high ridding implants

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You are early in your post operative period. Your implants appear to be high ridding at this time but may drop with time. It will take 3 to 6 months to see. It maybe that your muscle has not been released enough and is preventing from the implants to drop in a natural position. Other possibility is that the breast may slightly sag and slide over the implant creating the appearance of a high ridding implant in which cases breast lift maybe needed!


Good luck

High riding implants

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Hi, it is too soon to say how your breasts will look like once the implants have settled down. they seem to be still high and in most cases gravity will help them settle down with a much better result. I recommend that you give them at least 2 to 3 months and continue to follow up with your surgeon since at this point its too early to tell if anything else needs to be done.

Judging results early in the healing process

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You are very early in the healing process, and your breasts will continue to change over the next couple of months. Your breasts may settle, and provide you with the fuller look at the bottom that you are seeking. Communicate clearly and calmly your concerns with your surgeon so he/she can continue to monitor your progress. Follow your surgeon's postoperative instructions, and so not attempt to judge the results for at least 5 - 6 months.

Breasts and 3.5 weeks after augmentation

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Your breasts will go through changes over the next several months as the tissue accomodates to the implants. Be patient.

Breast shape continues to improve after augmentation

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The shape will improve and it is too soon to tell how the breast envelope will relax and blend with the implant. A breast band at night might help the implant sit low in the pocket and expand the lower breast.

Are my implants large enough?

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Good question and thanks for the pics. I would tell you it is very difficult to tell what your final result will be this early. Relax, relay your concerns to your PS and continue to allow your body to heal.

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