Breast Asymmetry Because Implants Were Not What I Asked for

I have breast asymmetry as well and I had a recent breast augmentation on 5/13/10, My Ps had suggested 650L and 600R due to my right breast being bigger, I had decided on going with the 650cc in both breast,I made it clear to my Ps this is what I wanted and even wrote it on the paper I signed & intialed, needless to say I got 650R and 600L and my right is noticeably bigger,Im hoping he will at least be nice enough to redo my left to 650cc for free, being its not what I asked for!

Edited to clarify: I understand I have breast assymetery & uneven nipples Im ok with it, I specifcly told my ps I wanted 650 in BOTH breast & even marked it on my paperwork that I signed & initialed, come to find out he put 650 in my bigger breast to BEGIN with and 600 in my smaller =(, So now my bigger breast is even bigger =( I simply just wanted to know if Im entitled to him just fixing my left breast and placing 650 in it thats all

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Breast asymmetry

It sounds like there was a bit of confusiuon going on between you and your doctor. I would discuss this with yoru doctor, perhaps a solution can be achieved.

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It is up to your plastic surgeon whether he will replace the 600 for a 650 cc implant.  I am bit confused on what you are trying to accomplish other than to have 650 cc implants.  Seems to me if you are trying to achieve more symmetry then the larger breast should have received the smaller implant and the small breast the larger implant.

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Breast asymmetry after augmentation

Most patients have some asymmetry between the breasts, and this may be magnified or at least made more obvious by breast augmentation. Although any discrepancy in size may be improved by using different size implants, differences in shape and other characteristics, such as nipple position, may not be improved by augmentation alone. They may appear worse after augmentation alone, and may require additional surgery, such as a breast lift, for correction.

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The size is not the issue

 Your implant are too big for your body and this enhances the differences in the shape and size. Your left breast can not hold any more and as you see from the picture ,they are shinny which indicate too big a implant. My suggestion would be to smaller before you over stretch your breast tissue.

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Breast Asymmetry

Thanks for the photos.  To me, atleast in the  photos, the breast do not look too far off in volume, infact your left might still be a bit bigger, but the issue is that the left nipple is lower than the right side and it appears that this was there preop, but to be sure we would need to see your before photos.
Hope that helps.

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Breast Asymmetry Because Implants Were Not What I Asked for

There seems to be much confusion and that is proven by the fact that it is hard to get the story straight even in your description. You state you wanted similar size implants at first but then later change to wanting diffierent sizes. At this point write down on a piece of paper what you have and what you want, Meed with the plastic srugeon and attempt to work out a mutually agreeable solution.

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