My front cap came out. Dentist recommended it and now a month later the tooth is loose. He said post is loose. Any suggestions?

Said I will need a whole new cap. Never heard of this. Is that the only fix? Cap is 11 years old.

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Hi there!  This is a very difficult question to answer without seeing the situation in person.  With that disclaimer, here are my thoughts:
First, a little background:  when a front tooth has a root canal, we often place a crown over it and use a post to help create stronger tooth structure underneath.  
-- If the crown and post came out but your root is tight and the natural tooth underneath is intact, recementing the crown/post may be possible.  
-- If, on the other hand, your root is tight but some of your natural tooth broke off as well (this is often the case), then a new crown might be needed to better grab what's left of your natural tooth.  Usually this means taking the edge of the crown up further toward the root along the gumline.
-- If the root shows looseness or appears cracked (this often happens with posts), a dental implant or a bridge would very likely be better long-term solutions.
Thanks for your question and good luck!

Ephrata Dentist

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