Would I Be Able to Get a Brazillian Butt Lift?

I'm about 5'4" and a half and I weigh about 299lbs, 19 will be 20 in a few weeks. I carry most of my weight in my stomache and torso in general. I'm seeking a brazillian butt lift or fat grafts to the breasts. Would a surgeon even operate on me due to my bmi, and what would be the cost range I'm looking at? Or can that not be answered without accurate pictures?

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Unpossible and dangerous to realize BBL with your actual BMI/imposible y peligroso practicar cualquier tipo de operacion ahora

in any part of the world should be denied to practice not only BBL if not any another kind  of surgery with your actual BMI, please go to a nutritionist to get a an adecquated weight and your prize will be your  surgery-

en cualquier  parte del mundo a donde tu vayas tu cirugia  y de cualquier otro tipo debera de ser  denegada  y tu premio seria cuando ya estes  en un peso mas adecuado

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