Am I a Good Candidate for a Brazillian Butt Lift?

I am 38 y/o 5'2 133 lbs. Although most people will say I'm not "fat", I am very unhappy with my body. I started have kids at a young age and I now have excessive fat/skin in my mid section. I would also like to have my butt lifted. I'm happy with the size, I just want it lifted. The problem is, I've been dx with Lupus for 10 yrs with few complications. Is it possible to find a surgeon to perfom elective plastic surgery?

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Good candidate or not? Need photo...

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If you upload a photo I would be able to give you a better opinion. In general you may be able to find a surgeon to help you out, but you would definitely need medical clearance from  the doctor that is treating your Lupus.


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Brazilain Butt Lift, am I a good candidate?

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There are lots of things to talk about with body contouring after having kids. Your body has changed and you may need a combination of different procedures to achieve the results you want. Lupus in itself is not a contraindication for elective surgery, it would require a discussion with your managing physician and your surgeon and some careful pre-operative planning. I encourage you to visit with some BC PS to discuss your goals, good luck!

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