Brazillian Breast Implants 360cc Feeling They Are to Small Now That the Swelling Has Gone Down I Dont Want Them to Get Smaller?

i have gone for the Brazillian breast implants 360cc i have had them for about a week now i had them under the muscle, im feeling now the swelling has gone down they just keep getting smaller im thinking i should of maybe went with a 400cc i am currently wearing a 12 D/DD sports bra but the DD is now to big, how much projection will i loose because i really dont want to loose more than this or they will be just to small. I previously was a 10B weighing 50kgs

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My implants are too small?

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After a breast augmentation there will be swelling that give the impression of a bigger result in the first few weeks. In some cases patients find this worrying as there is such a big change, but the final result result becomes clear after about 6 weeks and a well planned procedure results in a good result. 

Sometimes the concern is the opposite, and my advice is to look in the mirror side on and see the change that is there, review the pre operative photos and appreciate the change. If this fails then the option exists to replace the implant, but this is only after careful considered.

Jeremy Hunt  

Shrinking breasts after implants

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It is common for breasts to be swollen for 1-2 weeks after augmentation. When the swelling goes down, you may find that you are indeed too small. This is why the pre-op sizing is so important. You just have to wait and see and if you are unhappy, consider changing them to a larger size. 

Hard to predict final size at 1 week postop

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You are experiencing resolution of swelling after your breast augmentation surgery. This decrease in swelling may continue to diminish the size of your breasts over the next several weeks or month. Only time will tell how much smaller and how much projection you may lose as you continue to heal. I would guess that it will not be too significant. Thank you for sharing your concerns. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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