Brazilian But LIft and Lipsuction?

Do the pain killers work after liposuction.? I have been reading many complaints about the pain in the recovery porcess for BBL

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Pain control after brazilian butt lift

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The pain from the liposuction is gone after afew days with minimal medication. The buttocks are tight from the pressure. I give a combination of medications that works very well.

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Pain medication after brazilian buttock lift surgery

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Most patients will take oral pain medication such as Vicodin after liposuction and fat transfer to the buttock(Brazilian buttock lift) which is sufficient to control the pain. Some patients may need Percocet. After about three or four days, most patients will typically only require Tylenol for pain control. You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon in more detail prior to surgery.

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Postop pain after the Brazilian butt lift

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The first 48 hours after BBL is no fun. You will have achy pain like you did 1 million situps. The anesthesia Will make you weak dizzy and nauseous. By the next day the Anastasia will wear off. By 48 hours you will feel 50% better. By 4 to 5 days when you're quiet you won't have much pain but when you move it'll be sore and when you touch the area it will be tender. By this time you'll be complaining more about not sitting and sleeping on your stomach then the pain of surgery. The best thing you can do is discuss with your surgeon what type of pain medicine might work better for you. This is pretty much based on what pan medicine has worked for you in the past.

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