Questions About BBL 1 Week Post Op?

I had a 3d lipo with bbl done a week ago. Question is 3600 cc was removed yet 600 cc was placed in each cheek. Is there a reason all couldn't been used? My butt is not round and I'm swollen, so what happens after swelling goes down. I was told the fat was oozing out the incision made. Couldn't other entry points made to insert fat to get the look? I am thinking it's skin and could stretch so if one area is maxed could we not input in another area. Please advise? thanks a million

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Volume of fat transfer during BBL

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The total amount of liposuction never matches the amount transferred.  This is because only the fat that is suitable, is injected into the buttock (some of the fat rutpures and turns into oil, we don't inject that).  You will not realize the final shape for several weeks, because you are swollen everywhere, not just the buttock.

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Amount of fat placed during a BBL

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A BBL is in two parts - 1) liposuction and fat harvest  2) fat injections.  Not all the fat harvested in part 1 is good fat to be injected during part 2. This depends on the technique used and only your surgeon can tell you why a specific amount was injected into you.  For my patients, I find that about 65% of the fat removed is suitable for re-injection. This means that if you had 3600cc removed, you would receive about 1200cc per side. It should not ooze out of the incision.

Volume Concerns after Brazilian Buttlift

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    In the Brazilian buttlift, I typically suction 5 liters and transfer 1200 cc to 1500 cc to each buttock.  I have not had the issue of fat coming out of incisions.  Everyone performs this procedure differently, and asking your plastic surgeon is always the best thing to do.

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There is sometimes a limit of how much fat that can be placed at one time

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Thank you for the question.  Obviously your plastic surgeon will be the best at providing the best explanation of why 600 ml of fat was placed in each buttock half.  There is a limitation to how much fat can be placed at any one time and there is also an optimal amount that should be placed for each individual in terms of possible complications.  Its really like placing 800ml implants in someone that has a very small chest and tight tissue.  I have had patients in the past where I have been limited to how much fat I could place in one setting so it may be that your buttock tissues were too tight beyond 600ml of fat per buttock half.  As time passes the tissues will relax and the swelling above and bellow the buttock will diminish and this can result in a rounder, more projected buttock apperance.

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