Why Do Some Brazilian Butt Lifts Costs Twice As Much As Others?

I'm looking at different doctors (in the U.S.) for this procedure and they all seem to be accredited doctors but some of their prices are such a huge difference from other doctors? Why do some BBL costs twice as much as others with the same procedure being done? Are the doctors who charge over $15,000 for BBL's known for having good BBL results?

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Prices for cosmetic surgery can vary dramatically

The prices for cosmetic surgery can vary greatly depending in geographic region, the surgeon, and demand for that particular procedure. Cities such as New York and Los Angeles generally have high prices while Florida prices are much cheaper.  The surgeon's reputation, training, and experience may also influence the cost of the procedure. I personally do not think that more expensive is necessarily better. For example, I think that my reputation and experience is among the best in New York City, yet I am far from the most expensive. My prices are very fair. However, I strongly discourage people from going to the cheapest surgeon. I see some of the advertised prices for procedures and cannot imagine how the doctor can do this given the associated costs.  It makes me very wary that some corners are a being cut and that this can affect a your outcome or safety. The old adage "if it seems to be good to be true..." is usually right and when having cosmetic surgery, there can be major unrepairable complications. Even some of the prices that doctors advertise on this site are so low, that it has to raise some red flags. Customer service and aftercare are extremely important, but are usually the first things that get cut out when the price is too cheap.

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Brazilian butt lift and prices

Cosmetic surgery prices vary in different parts of the country. Also insurance reimbursement prices paid to the doctors by the insurance companies and Medicare vary in different parts of the country. New York has some of the highest cosmetic surgery prices in the country in Florida has some of the lowest cosmetic surgery prices country.

The prices are determined by the competition area also. In areas where there are few plastic surgeons the prices are high in cities with a large number of cosmetic surgeons the prices are lower.  these are some of the reasons why prices vary.

One of the best ways to choose a surgeon or doctor in general is to know previous patients of that Dr. see the results and discuss with the previous patients about their satisfaction with the surgeon. Other than that looking at before-and-after photographs, checking credentials and board certification by the American Board of plastic surgery is probably a good way to choose a surgeon.

Here in Miami the prices for Brazilian butt lift may range between $5400 and $6200 depending on how much liposuction is needed.

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Price Check for Surgery

There are wide variations in prices between different surgeons and different geographic regions.  More important than the cost is the reputation / experience of the surgeon you are choosing.  Any prices that are far out of the range of the average in a particular area can certainly warrant further investigation, especially to make sure the facility is fully accredited.  This procedure does take some time and specialized equipment and if the prices are quite low, this may be  warning sign that you should avoid.  

Choosing your plastic surgeon should not be based on price (although this will certainly factor in to most patient's decision making)

good luck

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Prices can vary dramatically for cosmetic surgery

The cost of cosmetic surgery can vary significantly from surgeon to surgeon and from city to city. With regard to a Brazilian buttock lift the total cost can vary anywhere from 6000-15000.  Surgeons can really charge whatever they want for a procedure but this also depends on how much time it takes for them to do and the OR and anesthesia fees associated. Be sure that your plastic surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and operates in a fully accredited surgery center. In an area like Los Angeles a reasonalbe cost for fat transfer to the buttock is in the range of 8-10,000. Try to meet with a few plastic surgeons and have surgery with the one you're most comfortable with and trust, more than the surgeon with the best price. 





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