Brazilian Butt Lift. Can I Keep the Fat On My Lower Back?

this may sound odd lol but i will be getting a brazilian butt lift in the near future and i am seeking more volume i have a wide behind that appears large only beacause the fat on my lower back i was wondering if i could just lipo the side of my stomach and and other areas and leave my lower back alone so i can keep my fullness because i know that all the fat doesnt survie after a BBL

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Lipo lower back for Brazilian Butt lift

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It is your choice what areas you want to have liposuction on.  You should discuss this with your surgeon during your consultation, and be open to your surgeon's recommendations.

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Donor fat location for Brazilian Butt Lift will vary

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THe place the fat is taken from will vary depending on your body type, shape, and your desires. Speak to your plastic surgeon about where you want the fat taken from.

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