Brazilian Butt Lift 2 Weeks Ago, No Results Why?

Ok so I got my Brazilian butt lift on may 14 and well when I came out of surgery my butt looked huge a bit bumpy because of the fat injections but it also looked a bit flat looking at it from the side. My doctor said that the fat still had to distribute so to give it time.. So now every time I look at it it's actually been shrinking it looks almost as it did when I went in I still feel some hard bumps but that's the only thing... Why is my butt shrinking? Should I eat more? Please help

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No results after a BBL

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 You should see a result at this point. Other than fat you could consider an implant but this will generally only fill the central portion of the buttocks and not the roundness along the trochanteric region.

Brazilian Buttlift Results Shrinking

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   The Brazilian buttlift results usually diminish over the first six weeks, but after that time the results are permanent.  I usually transfer 1200 cc to 1500 cc to each buttock.  Sometimes not enough fat is transferred or the patient may not have enough to transfer.  Weight loss can also reduce the result.

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