Brazilian Butt Lift Vs Butt Augmentation- Which is Better for Raising the Buttox?

I have a very low buttox in my opinon. I dont want to make my butt bigger, but more raised. I'm not sure what surgery would be most effective.

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Best technique to lift the butt

Both the Brazilian Butt lift and gluteal implants augment the buttock, ie add volume.  The added volume creates a visual lift to the buttock.  The best surgery wil be dependent on your body type and whether you have the fat available for a fat transfer.

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Lifting buttock with Brazilian buttlift

          Pictures would help, but I would say either could probably accomplish your goal.  There is no question that if a buttock needs a lift, then the Brazilian buttlift would be my first choice.  Howevever, depending upon the plane into which the buttock implant is placed and the volume and shape, this procedure may be able to accomplish this goal.  Realize that both procedures will make your buttock larger.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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