Brazilian Butt Lift: How is It Possible to Not Sit for 3 Entire Weeks?

Could someone expand on the details of this aspect of the recovery period? I understand why it is necessary, but am utterly unable to picture HOW one would manage 21 days of not being able to sit down. Specifics would be most helpful, thank you!

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Brazilian Butt enhancement

You can invest in a doughnut pillow about two of them on top of each other and sit on them so that the area that is injected with fat or even implant is in the hole of the doughnut with NO pressure. My patients love it and very comfortable.

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Brazilian Butt Lift: You cannot sit down for ? Weeks.....???

Hi Satterwaithe

It is definitely possible! Not easy, but possible! I have had patients who did not sit down for as long as 5 weeks. I recommend a minimum of 2 weeks. But, I believe 3 or 4 weeks does provide a slightly better result. However, I understand that patients have a life that they need to get back to, with the most limiting factor being the need to get back to work. My routine requires a minimum of 3 weeks off work.

As far as the details, I'd be happy to discuss my recommendations with you, but I would only recommend that my patients follow my recommendations. Other surgeons have different routines and may perform the procedure slightly differently and therefore may make different recommendations. You should always follow the recommendations of the surgeon that you choose.

The down and dirty......
As far as the most common question...... How does one go to the bathroom if you can't sit down?
Most patients tell me that they just do what they would normally do if they were to go to a restroom at a roadside rest stop, baseball stadium, or local fast food restroom. They just "hover" or "squat" over the toilet.
Hope this helps

Getting Stood -Up: What to do For 3 weeks after a Brazilian Butt Lift

The reasoning for no sitting for 3-4 weeks has to do with improving the chance of graft survival.  Certainly brief periods of sitting can be tolerated if needed (ie using the rest room).  Here is what I currently recommend

Resting on your side or stomach or side

Using pillows beneath the area between the back of your knees and the horizontal butt crease.  This elevate the butt up and off the chair.


Can you sit after a brazilian butt lift

Every surgeon has a different sitting protocol after brazilian butt lift surgery.  So, you will have to discuss this with your surgeon during your consultation. I allow my patients to sit with a pillow, and I go over exatcly how this is done during a consultation. 

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Sitting after a Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective technique that can improve the contour of your bottom and create a beautiful result. It is a combination of procedures that consists of aggressive liposuction of the abdomen hips and waist and lower back, separation and processing of the fat that has been collected, and strategic grafting to the gluteal area.

Patients who undergo this surgery must understand that there is a significant recovery process. After the surgery, we recommend that the patient's do not sleep on their backs, but rather on their sides or on their belly for at least 2 to 3 weeks. We also recommend that the patient avoid putting pressure on to the areas that have received the fat grafts for two weeks. This can be done with the use of a circular air cushion when ever seated and by taking frequent breaks while working.
Patients tolerate the recovery process very well and especially appreciate the specialized garments that we provide for them. These garments we have designed and are created here in Miami and provide even compression to the areas that receive liposuction but do not apply pressure to the areas with fat grafts.

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Brazilian Butt lift: sitting and activity restrictions

Surgeons vary in their post-operative restrictions. Although 2 weeks is a typical restriction, 3 weeks is not unreasonable. It is not so much that you cannot sit as it is more important to avoid pressure to the grafted areas which are where your wallet would typically sit if you put it in your back pocket. You will notice that if you sit on a hard stool, this is not a problem because you are sitting on the ischial tuberosities. However, when you sit in a soft reclined chair or seating such as your car, the wallet can be uncomfortable. So avoid this type of pressure to the grafted areas.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery requires not sitting...

Hi there-

While there is quite a bit of surgeon preference involved in the instructions we give our patients, experienced BBL surgeons agree that a period of relief from all sitting is vital to the success of the operation.

If you have chosen a surgeon who does a lot of these operations, and has been able to demonstrate his/her success with the technique to you through happy patients and pleasing outcomes, trust his/her experience and judgement and follow their instructions meticulously.

As far as HOW to do so, there are some very specific techniques that I show my patients during their preoperative visits that allow a comfortable position while not placing body weight on the grafted tissue- ask your surgeon what they recommend.

Brazilian Butt Lift and activity modification

Each surgeon has different postop recommendations after a Brazilian Butt Lift, but in general we recommend no heavy activities (running, working out, etc) for a few weeks.  I personally don't have any sitting restriction after the first few days, but I think it's important to discuss these concerns with your surgeon or perhaps some of his previous patients to get a sense of how they handled the recovery period.

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Sitting After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift utilizes your own natural fat for the augmentation. One of the keys of the fat transfer is that it is incorporated and becomes your fat just in a better place!

The key is how do we maximize the amount of fat that is going “take” or survive for the augmentation. One of the things that can help increase the amount of fat that stays after the transfer is preventing any trauma to the buttock area, that includes sitting. The pressure of sitting can be harmful to the fat for the first couple of weeks after the transfer.

I typically have patients avoid sitting for two weeks after the surgery. They can walk and sleep on their belly, just no sitting. After the first two weeks they can sit for an hour with a 10 minute break in between sitting sessions. After six weeks they can return to all of their normal routines.

There are special pillows that patients can purchase that avoids any pressure on the buttock in the post-operative period so that they can sit at work and still protect their fat transfer procedure. One of my favorite pillows for patient is called the “BBL Pillow”. The key with these specialized pillows is that all of the weight is on the posterior thighs and not on the buttock. The buttock should be hanging off the end of the pillows.

I hope this helps, be sure to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Limited Pressure for 2 Weeks

It’s important to realize that fat cells are very fragile in the immediate post-operative period.This situation doesn’t improve until these fat cells have re-established blood supply with the surrounding tissue.In most cases, this takes about two weeks to occur. At this point, fat cells become less sensitive to the effects of pressure and are less likely to be damaged by sitting or lying on the buttocks.
For these reasons, we limit sitting or lying on the buttocks to one hour intervals for the first two weeks following surgery.When patients do sit in a chair, they should rest their weight on their posterior thighs away from their buttocks.In addition they should utilize an inflatable pillow whenever possible.When sleeping they should lie on either their side or abdomen to avoid pressure on the buttock.
These routines place obvious limitations on physical activity for post-operative patients.Unfortunately, failure to comply with these recommendations can result in fat cell death from pressure.This can result in contour irregularity and a less than optimal result.

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