In Two Different Consultations I was Told Recovery Time Is 3-5 Days, In the Other 2-3 Weeks. Which Is It?

Ive gotten an consultation for fat transfer to the buttocks, 1. they will be doing body-jet with fat transfer. They said they'll use local anesthesia and that after about 3-5 days I should be back to regular routine and I can sit on my butt right after and it does not affect the survival of fat. 2. The second consult was using general anesthesia and that i cannot sit on my butt for at least 2 weeks and 3+ weeks for recovery why the difference?

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Brazilian butt lift consultation

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I can’t agree with your first consultant advice and it worries me that you are taking advise from a would like to be to be plastic surgeon.

Let me tell you how fat works. The recovery after a Brazilian butt lift is very important to optimize fat survival as the surgery itself. The fat that is injected into the buttock to shape and increase its projection behaves as a graft. A graft by definition does not have its own blood supply and relies on the surrounding tissue for survival. This means that any stress including pressure from sitting can affect the surgical outcome and compromise the post operative results. This is the reason why you will not be able to sit for the two weeks after the surgery. Now, you can lie on your side or chest and go to the bathroom and sit for a few minutes but that’s about it. The post operative recovery is as important as the surgery itself.

Somebody who understands the surgery will tell you that there is no way this procedure can be done under local anesthesia. Either you will die of a local anesthetics overdose or you will not be able to tolerate the procedure.

You have three options:

1. Run away from the first consultant.
2. Go back to the second consultant who seems to understand the procedure. Make sure he is also board certified plastic surgeon
3. Come to me and I will make your butt look great.

Best regards.
The Butt Master 
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

How soon can you sit after Brazilian Buttock fat augmentation?

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You got two different opnions about fat graft buttock augmentation. I tend to agree with the second opinion. I doubt very much that the surgeon in your first consultation is a board certified plastic surgeon. What they told you is false and not based on any sound medical experience. If you sit on the freshly grafted areas, the turgor pressure will be high enough that some of the delicate fat transferred will be crushed. To do this awake and without at least IV sedation (my personal preference) is an attestation to the lack of experience of the "surgeon" in your first consultation. I would ask them to show you postop photos of patients done with the same technique they propose to you. These photos have to be at least 6 months to a year out from surgery to appreciate the results or lack of positive results. Good luck.

Recovery Time After Brazilian Butt Lift

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First I want to commend you for consulting with different surgeons and also seeking out on Real Self to get expert advice from the surgeons on the site. I do not agree with your first surgeon that you consulted with. It takes at least two weeks to recover and to start sitting on your buttock region. Even after the two weeks is over I suggest for my patients to at least sit on soft surfaces, like a pillow, and to not directly sit on it for long periods of time.

During the first two weeks post operatively the fat cells are very delicate and putting pressure on them will lesson their chance of survival and will alter your results. I do agree with your second surgeon’s advice, and I suggest you continue to do your research before having the procedure done. I have before and after photos and detailed information about the procedure on my website if you are interested in more information.

Recovery after Brazilian Lift

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I fully disagree with the first assessment. Sitting on your butt right after surgery will destroy the delicate fat cells. This is not sound advice. I generally tell patients that they need to be careful with any pressure on the buttocks for 10 days. They can resume some light exercise at 2 weeks and can be fully functional at 4 weeks. Most patients take 10 days off work. We provide all our Brazilian butt lifts with a special foam that they sit on after the10 day period. Hope this helps.

Recovery from fat transfer to the buttock (brazilian buttock lift)

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I would plan on not sitting for about 2-3 weeks after surgery if you want to have the best result possible. The excess weight/force of sitting too early can lead to a decrease in the survival of the delicate fat cells. Please revisit your surgeons for further clarification or seek out another opinion. I would tend to agree more with what your second surgeon told you.

Best wishes,


Differing opinions on post op recovery following fat transfer to buttocks

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Dear jlynn2011, There are many variables to consider with any procedure. For example, was your surgeon planning on transferring 100ccs of fat to each buttock or 300ccs? The donor site recovery would be considerably less with smaller volumes. Usually most fat grafts to your buttocks are in the upper buttock. When you sit down most pressure is on the lower buttocks and thighs. I might suggest revisiting your surgeons and ask for references and look at pre and post op photos to help you decide. You might ask your surgeon if he/she has privlidges to perform this procedure in your local hospital. If not, I would be concerned Good luck

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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