Brazilian Butt Lift - Recovery Expectations?

I will be receiving surgery on May 10th. I will be traveling to florida to see Dr. Azurin. But I have questions that have not been answered. I'm 5'1 and weigh 167 pounds and would like to know if its wise to lose weight before surgery at least 15pounds if possible. Will I get a big, round, perky butt with the fat I have now? And also How the Recovery is like and will I be able to to walk around and care for myself? And any recommendations you may have to a great recovery.

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Brazilian butt lift and recovery

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 I do not ask my patients to lose weight prior to a Brazilian butt lift. I always tell my patients to do the amount of exercise and eat the number of calories they plan to eat after the surgery. A steady weight before and after surgery leads to a steady result. The worst patient I have is a patient who starves before the surgery and then gains weight after the surgery.


The 1st night after the surgery is not fun the 2nd and 3rd night are better but still not fun most of my patients by the 4th or 5th day feel much better. You will need some help in the 1st 48 hours.

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