Brazilian Butt Lift - A Question Of Proportions

Hi, I am overweight (5'9" weigh 225 lbs) and carry most my weight in the mid-abdominal section. My measurements are 43" on the butt 43" on my waist. I want to undergo the procedure. At my original consultation the doctor advised he could extract a maximum of 2.5 Litres of fat. I really hope he can do more. Will all the fat that is extracted be injected back into my buttocks? If so, how much volume (inches) can I expect to gain in my butt and how much can I expect to lose on my waist?

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Brazilian Butt Lift.......Proportions

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Hey Curious In Toronto!
Yes, it is all a matter of proportions.  Having a measurement of 43 both of your waist and your hips means you are pretty straight.  Removing fat around your waistline (not just your abdomen) will significantly reduce this number, maybe even to 36 or 38.  The largest reduction I have seen in one of my patients from liposuction of the waistline alone was 8 inches. Not that everyone can lose that many inches, but it can make a huge difference in your shape.  Then you will have curves!

As far as how much fat can be removed.... It depends on your health, how much fat you have in that area that can be removed, as well as the surgeon who is performing the procedure for you and the setting in which they work.  In some states, there are regulations which limit how much fat can be removed in a doctors office (sometimes as low as 1000cc).  There are also recommendations by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as to how much can safely be removed if the procedure is done in an outpatient surgery center.  If the procedure is performed in a hospital and you spend the night, more fat can safely be removed. 
Without seeing you it is difficult for me to know how much fat you have to be removed from that area, but judging by your height and weight and your statement that you carry most of your weight in your midsection, I would have to say that 2.5 liters is awfully low! I often remove 6-8 liters from that area. 
Also, if you are concerned about how much fat you will be getting placed back into your buttocks......  2.5 liters of liposuction typically equals about 1 - 1.2 liters of fat after all of the excess fluid, (blood, oils from dead fat cells and tumescent solution) is removed.  That will only provide about 500 - 600cc of fat per cheek.

You should also take into consideration that your BMI is over 30 (Actually it is 33.3).  When your BMI is over 30 it has been shown that patients tend to have more complications.  Weight loss to bring your BMI below 30 would therefore be a good idea to make the surgery safer for you. You will still get a beautiful result!

Brazilian Butt Lift

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You are right " It is a matter of proportions".

You may be able to take out 2.5 liters from the abdomen. Not all that is pure fat, there is a lot of fluid and dead cells. The fluid need to be removed, fat washed and the pure fat transfered. The other issue is onece you remove 2.5 liters from the abdomen, what will happen to the skin of the abdomen?

The shaping of the buttock include removing excess fat around the buttock to shape the buttocks. Removal of fat of the lower back and love handles, around the illiac crest is paramount to shaping the buttocks. The back curves and the waist curves are very important is shaping the buttock, may be more important than the actual fat transfer volume.Look at Brazilian Butt Lift as body contouring surgery, rather than just injecting fat into the buttocks. Injecting fat into the buttocks without body contouring will get lost with all the bulges of the lower back and love handles, illiac crest areas.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon


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You should consider your doctor's experience and results.  More fat may be taken out of your waist, but there is a limit on how much may be injected in your butt. It is hard to predict inches and sizes, but you can consider the shape as your ultimate goal.

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During a Brazilian butt lift, excess fatty deposits are liposuctioned from stubborn problem areas and then injected into the buttocks to increase the volume and improve the contour of the buttocks.  There is a maximum amount that can be liposuctioned at any given time so if your surgeon has recommended a maximum of 2.5 L of fat be removed it is most likely the largest possible amount that is also the safest amount to remove from your body during one operative session.  The amount of fat that will be transferred will not be 2.5 L as some volume is lost when the liposuctioned fat is processed before it is injected into the buttocks.  It is also important to know that about 70% of the fat will remain viable after the transfer.  The procedure can be repeated later to add additional volume provided that you still have enough fat to be liposuctioned.  In my experience you will not see a significant reduction in the size of your waist after liposuction alone.  Liposuction is to contour the waistline, not significantly decrease the overall size of your waist or abdomen.  To define and reduce the waistline significantly a tummy tuck is usually required.  I recommend continuing to research board certified plastic surgeons on RealSelf.  Then schedule a consultation for a thorough exam to confirm that you are a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift and if your goals are attainable.

Be well and good luck!


Its a proportions issue

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Its more complicated, it depends on the type of body that you have and the results you are wishing to gain from this prosedure, if you're looking for a second opinion be sure to send us some image so that we can evaluate and make a better assesment your desired result, but at this point it is too early to tell.

Brazilian Butt Lift - A Question Of Proportions

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Brazilian butt lift or fat injection into buttocks is becoming more popular. The procedure starts with liposuction to harvest the fat needed for enhancement of the buttocks. There is a science in the injection, from the way the fat is harvested, treated to prepare it for the injection, and the way it is injected. Also shaping of the buttocks involves planning to obtain a pleasing result. There are different shapes to buttocks and the injection has to correct the the appearance not just make it larger. Also liposuction technique can help reshape by working more on the hips and waste line to start the process. As for the volume removed, it depends on available tissue, health of the patient and safe limits set by the medical community. a few states such as Florida have placed safe legal limits on amount of fat that can be removed. As for the amount injected, if there is adequate supply of fat up to 750 cc or more can be used to augment the buttocks.

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