Butt Augmentation Alernatives to Brazilian Butt Lift and Implants?

I want a Brazilian Butt Lift but I don't have extra fat. There are two options I have, which are Butt Implants or fat transfer. From what I read on here, it seems as though fat transfer is highly recommended over implants. My only concern with fat transfer is that I weigh a little over 100 lbs and I'm only 5'1. With that being said, I don't think I would qualify as a fat transfer patient. Plus, I don't want implants. What should I do?

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Brazillian Butt Lift Options

Dear Jill,

Unless you want to gain weight JUST to produce some for transfer to the buttocks, no other options exist. I certainly would NOT advise filling the buttocks with any artificial fillers. That will be a complication in the making.


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Butt Augmentation

  The fiest recommendation in our prictice is the use of fat, the second option is and  implant and in some instances we use both.  No other inyectables are recommended  in our practice.

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Are there options besides Brazilian Butt Lift or Implants?

Hi there-

Unfortunately, there are no safe options besides these two. Many people have had silicone or "hydrogel" polymers injected into their backsides for augmentation only to experience chronic infections or worse- two women in Florida experienced kidney failure after this "treatment" earlier this year- one of them died...

If you are determined to avoid implants and are sure you want buttock enhancement, I have had success in patients like yourself with a preoperative weight gain followed by the operation and (after a suitable recovery period) then a loss of the gained weight...

Once the fat has survived in its new location (the butt), you should then be able to lose the weight while maintaining the new shape and proportions achieved at surgery.

The amount of weight you would need to gain would depend on your current exam, your goals for your butt, and the experience and skill of your surgeon (some surgeons, with more experience, will have a higher rate of survival of the fat, and so can achieve better success with less fat).

I hope that helps you- If you need help finding a surgeon, here's a bit of info:

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