Non-invasive Procedure with Results Close to Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is there a non-invasive procedure that would give a pretty close result as would the Brazilian Butt Lift? Maybe some sort of injections?

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Buttock augmentation

The best way to enhance the buttock, non-invasively:  running!  Running causes the gluteus muscle (the largest muscle of your body) to fire quickly and constantly.  This causes it to hypertrophy (thicken).  This causes it to become bigger!  Look at olympic sprinters and you will see large buttocks (relatively, of course).  The other way is to over eat (I don't recommend that!)

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Injections are invasive

Non invasive for a butt lift would be  for you to go out and get some padding and put it in you tights. Anything that a physician would do is invasive. DO NOT GET INJECTIONS OF UNKNOWN SUBSTANCES - OR SILICONE - YOU WILL REGRET IT.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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Non-invasive Procedure with Results Close to Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most likely running would be the best way to achieve a good result but its still not as good as fat which could add volume to the hips.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
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No safe nonsurgical way to augment your butt


Thanks for the great question.

At this time there is no safe way to augment your butt without surgery. You will see many people offer injections to increase the shape and size of your butt. However please remember that none of these injections are approved by the Food and Drug Administration at this time. In Florida, we forcefully see many patients would receive these injections and then have gone on to develop very serious health problems. Patients find out that these injections often use material that has no business being inside the human body. We have seen patients have received industrial grade silicone, wax, and even caulking used in the bathroom or kitchen. As you can imagine, the patients developed severe scarring, deformities, and even life-threatening infections. In fact, several patients here in South Florida have died after receiving such injections.

The best, safest, and most effective way to change the shape and size of your butt is through the use of your own fat or using solid silicone gluteal implants.

For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or butt augmentation, please schedule an iConsult or visit us online at the link below:

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"Non-Invasive" Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift involves restoring, accentuating and increasing buttock volume with YOUR own fat. The fat needs to be harvested from somewhere else in your body and transferred to the buttock where is must be placed in narrow columns to maximize its exposure to and supply by the blood supply.

Unfortunately, THERE ARE NO SAFE, FDA APPROVED, FILLERS FOR BUTTOCK AUGMENTATION. Hundreds of women are hurt and some are killed every year by having themselves injected with a variety of materials. Do not be one of them.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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There is no safe, non-invasive alternative to Brazilian Butt Lift

Hi there-

For achieving a pleasing increase in volume, with firmness and a better long term contour, there are no safe alternatives to a Brazilian Butt Lift besides implants (which also require surgery).

Many things have been tried, including the injection of foreign materials which have been associated with organ failure and death.

The best advice I can give you is to avoid any procedure until you can become comfortable with one that is safe and effective...

Don't put your health and safety at risk.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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No non-invasive procedure with similar results to Brazilian Butt Lift

Unfortunately, no.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is not just about making your butt bigger, but a total recontouring of your waist and hip area.

The advantage is that the way your body stores fat is permanently altered, so your figure changes are permanent. Even if you gain or lose weight it will be starting from your new hourglass figure.

I really want to stress that the Brazilian Butt Lift is a remake of your body and how it responds to weight fluctuations. As such, it is also in a different league than butt implants.

As for injections, I have seen quite a few disasters. There are a few non medical personnel doing them in Atlanta, as well as a clinic in the Caribbean. I would be very careful, as they can be extremely difficult to correct once done.

Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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