Brazilian Butt Lift Revision to Fix Fat Pocket in Upper Abdomen

I have a fat pocket in my upper abdomen area 2 months after a Brazilian butt lift. My doc suggested a revision surgery. He wanted to put me under gen anesthesia again & use a regular size canula but Is it possible since it's such a small area to perform a less invasive method for the revision w/o gen anesthesia & smaller canula?

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Techniques to remove fat following harvesting for brazilian butt lift

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It is difficult to assess your candidacy for a local repair without knowing the specifics such as the amount of fat, the degree of fibrosis, your pain tolerance, techniques to be used. etc.

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Revision surgery

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All surgeries carry the possibility of needing a revision surgery or touch up or treatment of a complications.

You trusted your surgeon the first time, why not trust him the second time/ He/she did the surgery they know what was done and they have examined you and gave an opinion. The internet will not be able to give you an opinion without an examination. If you have douts Seek another opinion from  a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON

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