Can Brazilian Butt Lift 5 Months After Lipo Cause Unsuccessful Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

Im Getting Brazilian butt lift 5 months after lipo on my flanks, abdominal, upper & lower back can this cause a unsuccessful Brazilian butt lift getting lipo done on those areas again? Also do I have enough fat to transfer I been eating more to get some extra fat but I don't know if that makes a diffrence. I would also like to know if I have enough fat to make a big diffrence on my butt area?

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Volume is necessary to get a large  increase in the buttocks after a brazilian butt lift. You need to be examined

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Brazilian Butt Lift after Previous Liposuction

You definitely can have a Brazilian butt lift after previous liposuction if you have enough fat left.  It is important that you bring pictures of your desired butt to your consultation so that your surgeon can tell you if you have enough fat to make this happen.  If you do not, implants are always an option.

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Do you have enough fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

As my colleagues said, you really need to be seen in person by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in BBLs. Only they will be able to tell you how much fat you have to donate and what amount of increase in your buttock you can expect. Make sure to find someone who does at least 4-5 BBLs per week.

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Fat injection after lipo

Dear Rjessica,

  Thanks for submitting your pictures. You should look at your plan in a different way all together. Your problem with butt augmentation is not that you do'nt have enough fat , but rather that large amount of injected fat can't survive. In the last year I have performed butt implants on 12 patients (including 1 last week) who had fat injection to the butt and it completely or almost completely disappeared after 1 year. Butt implants surgery , done in the right hands, looks and feels natural. Most importantly, the implants do not disappear. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon that you trust, who performed lots of butt implants and you like his or hers results.

            Best of luck,

                                   Dr Widder


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Can I have a successful a BBL following previous liposuction?

A main determinant in achieving a successful buttock augementation is having enough donor fat. Having undergone prior liposcuction may limit the available donor fat. You need to be examined by a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing the BBL to best appreciate if you have adequate fat available. Good luck!

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Brazilian Buttlift and Previous Liposuction

   Although previous liposuction makes the current round of liposuction more difficult, sufficient fat stores will make Brazilian buttlift possible.  Although a picture is not a substitute for an exam, you do appear to have enough fat to produce a significant improvement in shape.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlift procedures each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Brazillian Butt Lift Limited By Fat Volume

Thank you for sharing your photo.  The amount of augmentation you get from a BBL is limited by the amount of fat you have for transfer.  Your previous liposuction will limit your augmentation somewhat.  Gaining a few pound will help. All the best.

George Bitar, MD
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