Brazilian Butt Lift: When Should I Lose Weight

I would like a brazilian butt lift but I also want to lose about 50 lbs, so I was wondering when the best time is to lose weight? I was wondering if I could get liposuction now (when I have fat) then ask my surgeon to store the fat while I lose weight, then come back and have the same fat from my liposuction used for the butt lift? Is this safe and possible?

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Fat cannot be stored before weight loss for fat injections.

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No, unfortunately it is not possible to  have a surgeonstore the fat while you lose weight, then come back and have the same fat from  liposuction used for the butt lift.

The liposuction has to be done during the same surgery.  You should be at your ideal weight for at least 6 months before sugery.

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Fat is a Dynamic Tissue

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Fat grafting to the buttocks, otherwise known as the Brazillian Butt Lift is a good technique for augmenting the gluteal region.  Fat transferred is living tissue that responds to the same caloric stimuli as other tissues in your body.  If you gain weight it gets bigger, if you lose weight it gets smaller.  To get the best result that is stable, you should get to your desired weight and then have the procedure.  Storing the fat and then using it is not clinically the best option.

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Fat graft

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FAT CAN NOT BE STORED. IT HAS TO BE USED IMMEDIATLY........................................................

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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