Brazilian Butt Lift Inquiry - Weight Loss Before Surgery?

I was considering getting a brazilian butt lift in the beginning of may. my height is 5'1 and I weigh 167 pounds, I would like to know if i should lose any weight before surgery. And I would like to know how recovery feels like and if ill be able to take care of myself within a couple of days? And with the amount of fat I have now how much will be added to my gluteus?

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Braziliab Butt lift

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Your final results will be better when you loose the weight. Ideally would like to see you at 150-155 pounds.

Your results will be much better with an abdominoplasty, liposuction of the flanks, and illiac crest, This fat is causing the but not to be defined. the abdomen also takes away from your buttock ideal look.

As for the recovery, you need an adult with you for atleast 48-72 hours. and recovery of 2-6 weeks depend on how you heal, your tolerance. Healing is very individualistic.

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Weight Loss Before Brazilian Butt lift/Fat transfer to the Buttocks - Consequences

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In general  it is best to be at your stable long term weight to reduce the probability for revision surgery. It makes little or no sense to loose or gain weight for a surgical procedure including Brazilian Butt Lift unless you can maintain that weight for many years.

The reason for this is that the fat cells tend to remember it origin and behave that way. In other words when you lose weight you will also shrink the size of the fat cells transferred to your buttocks and conversely when you gain weight you will gain it also in the area it was transferred to.


Recovery is dependent on the extent of the procedure and the number of areas liposuctioned to harvest the fat but in general 2-6 weeks is average

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