Experienced Brazilian Butt Lift in Europe?

Ive been searching for a sugeon who can do this op in europe, i live in london and i dont think the surgeons here know exactly what they are doing and they dont have experience carrying out the procedure. The USA i believe have the most experience and their skill is what i am looking for, however living so far, i wont be able to get the long jouney flight bac as i wontbe able o sit down after the op. Do any american surgeons have lots of experience also travel to UK, France or Spain for work?

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Living in London, how do I go about getting a plastic surgeon experienced in the BBL?

The BBL is becoming a very popular procedure here in the USA. In fact in our center the BBL is the most commonn procedure performed. We get many patients coming to us from all over the US as well as Europe, Asia and Africa. I allow my patients to travel after several days, but certainly within a week. I ask them to get out of their chair and walk around as often as possible. In addition I ask them to sit on a "doughnut" for the first 1 week. This can be a  round, soft, inflated plastic tube to take the pressure off the buttocks.These steps have allowed many foreign patients to come to our center in New York City.

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