Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Give Me a Butt Crease?

My bottom isnt completely flat, however i have more of the top section rather than the bottom, i reeeallyy want this 'W' shape as a crease. Ive had a brazilian buttlift and I am now 1 week post op im am somewhat not completely happy with the shape- He didnt give me the bottom meaty bit i wanted. After the procedure he said that one requires an initial crease in order to enhance the crease and he did the best he could do. Is this true or does he not know what he is talking about?

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Butt crease....only G-d can make a perfect one...

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He is right. It is difficult to recreate that perfect crease. It is something you are either born with or not. However, sometimes I have gotten lucky and managed to simulate a decent lower crease where there was none. I think your surgeon is likely telling you the truth.




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Dr. Michael in Miami

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