BBL vs. Implants - Will a Brazilian Butt Lift REALLY Give Me Big Results?

I am 5'3" 175 lbs. and plan to lose about thirty-forty pounds before surgery. I want to make sure I will get dramatic enough results I want my butt to be very noticeably larger. Would implants be better for this result because I do want it to be very big?

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Brazilian butt lift results

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Like any procedure in plastic surgery, it is all about proportion. One thing that most of my patients do not realize is that the Brazilian butt lift is a total body sculpting procedure. It is not only about creating more natural, pleasant and aesthetics buttocks but also defining your natural curves. Liposuction will improve your hip to waist ratio and a liposuction of your lower back will accentuate the take off of the butt, thus  giving the perception of a larger buttock.

Not everybody can have a Kim Kardashian or a J-Lo butt. There are many factors involved; for example, your pelvic and bony structure. The height and width of your gluteus muscle. In addition, it is very important the amount of gluteus projection prior to the procedure as well as the tone of your skin, etc. There is a limit on what your butt will expand secondary to the fat injection. Many times, if you inject too much, the skin gets ischemic (decrease blood supply) and you can develop a small wound due to pressure necrosis. The skin will stretch but to a certain limit. If you want to have a projected buttock, typically you will need >700 ml of fat into the buttock area. The bigger is not always the better; it is all about proportions.

Fat transfer gives a more natural results than butt implants. I recommend fat transfer (Brazilian butt lift) for buttock augmentation.

BBL vs. Implants - Will a Brazilian Butt Lift REALLY Give Me Big Results?

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It depends how much is being transferred. I routinely transfer 1200-1800 cc to each side. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Lift with Big Results

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This is a very common question as patients want the result to last if they are going to undergo surgery.

Fat transfer has become so popular because it allows your surgeon to use your own body tissue for the augmentation. Liposuction is performed over several areas depending on the individual patient needs, and the amount of fat needed.

The results tend to last for years to come if your weight is stable. Just like any liposuction procedure, this does not prevent your body from being able to put on weight.

With the fat transfer patients typically lose about 30% of the fat that is initially transferred, the fat that is present six months post-op will remain as long as your weight is stable. If you lose weight you can lose some of the transferred fat, and if you gain weight you can increase the size of your buttock. The benefit of the fat transfer is that the fat is your own and acts just like the fat in other parts of your body. The benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift is not only the fat transferred to your buttock but the shape transformation. This new shape will last for years as you will now have more of an hourglass figure than a square shape.

If you are at a healthy weight and maintain that you will be able to enjoy your results for year to come.

The amount of fat needed depends on the shape and needs of each individual patient, however in general at least 500cc per buttock need to be placed to see a significant difference. On average patients typically receive around 800cc per buttock side for a total of 1600cc of fat transfer. However just like a breast augmentation the amount of fat needed various from patient to patient. In your particular case I would put at least 800cc/per side for you.

When considering this procedure it is very important that you have your procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon that commonly performs this procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift or Implants - It Depends On Your Pre-Surgery Body Contour

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How large your  buttocks will be after surgery really depends on your current body contour. You have to look at the current measurements of your waist and hips, as well as the amount of projection of your buttocks. Most Brazilian Butt Lifts involve removing excess fat in the midsection and thighs. Then, this fat is put into the buttocks to enhance their shape. The circumference of your midsection and thighs will decrease, while the fullness of your buttocks will increase. You will definitely have fuller buttocks and your body contour will be curvier, but it is difficult to say whether you’ll have the “noticeably larger” butt that you want since it depends on how much excess fat you have to transfer in the first place and your overall body structure. My patients have found that a BBL is sufficient in achieving the body contour they want.
To prevent disappointment, you should talk to your surgeon to let them know how big you want your buttocks to be. Be honest and clear in your expectations so that your surgeon can get a better idea of what you want. Any reputable surgeon will then be able to let you know if your Brazilian Butt Lift is suitable, or if you should go with implants instead.

Brazilian buttock lift can give you the size you want

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As long as you have enough fat after your weight loss, you can achieve a larger and shapelier buttock with a Brazilian buttock lift, without implants. The Brazilian buttock lift generally has fewer complications than the buttock implants. The fat transfer to the buttock will also allow for better shaping of your entire lower back, waist and hips as well. A board certified plastic surgeon can evaluate you and determine if you are a good candidate. I would consult with a plastic surgeon before you lose too much of your weight.

Best wishes,


William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian butt lift or buttock implants for a better shaped behind

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Brazilian butt lift surgery is more and more common. The results are not only achieved by placing fat into the buttocks only, but it also requires removal fat from above the buttocks, lateral thighs, inner thighs, muffin tops and lower back to give the desired results. In my practice fat is my first choice, second choice and third choice before I consider implants. It is a rare patient who comes to my office and cannot find enogh fat to give a significant visual improvement. In this type of patient I use a buttock implant and find enough fat to graft lateral to the implants for a softer result. If you are planning to loose weight from 175lbs to 135-140lbs, this places you at a BMI of 24. Remember, when you loose weight, you do not loose fat cells. They just get smaller. Even though you are smaller, the same amount of fat cells can be grafted.

Buttock augmentation

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Both procedures, buttock implant and Brazilian Buttock Lift (Fat Transfer) are viable procedures, when done by experienced qualified plastic surgeon.

Most prefer Brazilian Buttock Lift. It achieves a good result, natural look and feel, Once the fat takes it is there for a long time. Avarage take of the graft 60-80% of total fat transfered. It is dependant on the experience of the surgeon.


1: infection

2: Bleeding

3: No take of the graft

4: fat embolism

5: Asymmetry

6: Need for further surgery

7: too much fat, too little fat transfered

8: abnormal shape of the buttocks

9: Fat necrosis, resulting in hard lumps

Implants are available off the shelf in different sizes and shapes.

Cusume implants can be made (more expense)


1: scars (inter gluteal fold)

2; infection

3: hematome

4: seromas

5: displacement of implant

6: too big, too small

7:Capsular contracture

8: need for further surgery (Implant maintainance)

9: chronic pain

10: thinning of the tissue above the implant

The bigger the implant the more frequent the complications, and the more the need for further surgery.

Fat transfer can be repeated (more expense)


and discuss your options, long and short term risks then you can make an intellegent decision


Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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