Dents 2 Weeks After Brazilian Butt Lift

Just recently had the Brazilian Butt lift done with fat transfer done 2 weeks ago and already my buttocks have formed the "dents" in them again that i was trying to get rid of. I want to know will they go away the longer I wear my garment? I like the size of my buttocks but I'm not happy with the return of the indentations. Also, i know I read somewhere where the butt actually gets smaller in the first month after surgery then it gets larger, is this true? Thanks in advance for your response

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Brazilian Butt Lift and Dents

A brazilian butt lift does not necessarily correct the cellulite associated with a smaller buttocks. Some physicians feel that the augmentation is achieved through tranfer of stem cells that may grow with time. However, it my experience the augmentation is typically greatest in the first couple of weeks.

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