Brazilian Butt Lift, Fat Transfer, Grafting: What's the Difference?

I had a botched vaser lipo procedure. I've been to a couple surgeons since. Two said that they coudnt help me. One said that he could take some of the fat out of my stomach and hips; centerfuge it, and then inject it into this huge indent that has created a "banana roll" effect under my buttocks (from the lipo). Ive noticed that people on this site thought that a BBL was worth it; whereas, they thought that fat transfer was not. What should I do? Thank you

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Bad liposuction results

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The posteripor thigh buttock area(Banana deformity) a is very critical area. The posterio thigh just below the buttock is very important because it SUPPORTS the buttock. Liposuction to the posterior thigh-buttock are is very critical and should be done sparingly by experts.

I have seen at least two major problems in because of over liposuction of these areas and major deformity resulting i the thigh buttock area. Correction requires large volume of fat transfer to the defect. (In excess of 300 cc) for each podterior thigh buttock area. Smart lipo in th non experienced hands is DUMB LIPO, vaser lipo is a gimmick. Hydro lipo is a Gymmick, these are tools. Choose a BOARB CERTIFIED PLASTIC SUGEON for your body contouring and liposuction regardless of the gYmmick advertising others do to rid you of your money.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Fat transfer

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A Brazilian butt lift is the use of fat grafts or fat injections to augment the buttock area. However, it sounds as if u need a lot more than that. You need correction of the over liposuctioned areas. This may need a combination of further judicious liposuction of the surrounding areas as well as fat transfer to depressed areas. In my hand, it is possible to significantly improve the results but it will not be as good as if it had been done properly in the first place. Good luck

Fat TRANSFER to the Buttocks = Buttock Fat GRAFTING = BRAZILIAN Butt Lift

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Fat TRANSFER to the Buttocks = Buttock Fat GRAFTING = BRAZILIAN Butt Lift. Same cosmetic goal, same operation. Different marketing names.

Liposuction under the buttocks must be avoided or done very minimally in the superficial plane. Taking too much fat out of this area is accompanied by drooping of the buttock with deepening of the fold.

Correction of liposuction associated dimples and irregularities are more challenging than correcting congenital dimpling. The BEST correction material bar none is your own fat. But, it involves its removal from elsewhere (under low vacuum to minimize damage to the cells), separation from blood, tumescent solution and free fat from damaged cells, loading into small syringes and then careful placement in narrow lows to maximize its surface contact with nearby blood vessels to increase the rate of fat graft survival.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Botched Vaser Lipo with Huge Indent Under Buttocks - What Next?

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Your question asks about the difference between Brazilian Butt Lift, fat transfer and grafting. The details of your situation go on to discuss "botched Vaser lipo" and a huge indent that was caused under the buttocks. I will answer these as two separate questions:


First Question -- Difference Between Brazilian Butt Lift, Fat Transfer, Grafting:

Brazilian Butt Lift may mean different things to different surgeons. To me, I think of a Brazilian Butt Lift as a procedure that artfully combines a careful analysis of your body shape and tissues to help a patient reach their goals. In my hands this will most commonly combine liposuction of the areas surrounding and framing the buttocks with augmentation of the buttocks shape and size with fat.

"Fat Transfer," "Fat Grafting," and "Fat Injections" are terms that are often used to refer to using your own fat for augmenting another area of your body. There are different techniques proposed for harvesting your fat (using liposuction) and preparing it for transfer or grafting.


Second Question -- Botched Vaser Lipo with Huge Indent Under Buttocks

Your describe having had "botched Vaser lipo" that has left a huge Indent under the buttocks. I think your next steps are critical for your result. Sounds like you have seen a few surgeons about this. Most important is to find a surgeon that is very experienced with these advanced body contouring techniques and establish a great relationship with them so that you can work together to best reach your goals.

As a Plastic Surgeon in Denver, I too often see Plastic Surgery being commoditized and both surgeons and patients are often to blame for focusing too much on the "latest-greatest" sounding technology or a flashy sounding technique. Nothing replaces a skilled surgeon that starts by carefully listening to your goals, performs a careful analysis of your tissues and educates you about your options. 

In your case, perhaps the critical supporting tissues under the buttocks have been disrupted (the "huge indent"). If that is the situation, it may be that fat transfer could play a role, but it may also be a situation that would have significant benefits from lifting and supporting the buttocks with a body lift type of procedure.

Hope this helps.

Brazilian butt lift, fat grafting, grafting

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Fat grafting nis the same as fat transfer.If your intention is to fill an indentation,fat grafting may help.Buttock augmentation can also be achieved with fat grafting,although fat survival is sometimes unpredictable.Buttock implants are also an option.

Burr von Maur, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Butt implants implement artifical material; fat transfers use existing fat

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Brazilian Butt-Lift is the colloquial term for a fat transfer and fat grafting. There is really no difference, except that there are different variations of the same procedure that would give you more specific results. My colleague Dr. Siddharth Bass offers an explanation on the difference between a butt implant and a fat transfer, which are the main ways you may augment your buttocks.

Fat injections into the buttocks

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The indent underneath the buttocks might be improved by fat injecitons.  Some people market the Brazilian Butt Lift as liposuction to reduce unwanted enlarged areas including the flank while injecting fat in areas of the buttocks that need augmentation.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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