How Much Fat is Needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Can You Use Fat from Other People?

I'm looking for a way to have fat transferred from my thin body to my buttocks area but I can't find any except for my small pouchy belly! Is it possible that I can have my husband's belly fat transferred to my buttocks in order to have the brazilian butt lift? Also, how much fat does one need for one butt cheek?

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How Much Fat is Needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Can You Use Fat from Other People?

The exact amount of CCs needed depends on you. The BBL is a very personal and beautiful augmentation when it is performed specifically to your dimensions.
My recommendation is that you find an ASPS board certified surgeon in your area who specializes in the BBL, and set up an in person consult. An in person consult with an an ASPS board certified surgeon is the only way to determine the best route for your body and your goals.

You cannot use other people’s fat cells – but again an ASPS board certified surgeon will be able to devise the perfect and personal strategy to help you meet your goals.

Fat transfer to the buttocks- you must use your own fat


You can not use donor fat for a fat transfer. You must use your own fat .There are several reasons why fat transfer must be autologous (your own), and not from another person.

The first reason is that using your own fat will not introduce any rejection or compatibility issues. It is your own fat and thus we know your body will accept it. There should be no rejection by the body of your own fat tissue.

Another reason is that the FDA considers the use of your own fat as an 'autologous procedure'. If the tissue is not autologous ( not your own) , this is no longer a simple 'tissue transfer' but it becomes an entirely different classification of procedure with many regulations .

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How Much Fat is Needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Can You Use Fat from Other People? #fat harvesting

This is a relatively complex question and can only be answered on an individual basis.  The amount of fat needed for a BBL is directly related to your anatomic proportions.  There are times an individual is too thin to collect an adequate amount of fat which is disappointing to the patient.  Unless these people gain adequate amounts of weight they would benefit from using a buttock implant placed well by only a select few physicians. 

If someone has a smaller pelvis and is more petite, then they may not need as much fat.  Nor would the buttock accommodate as much fat either.  Conversely, someone who is larger with a bigger pelvis would require more fat to make the finished appearance relatively fuller. 

Unfortunately, you cannot use fat from other people.  Would be nice though and I would have a line of donors!!  LOL!

Where fat meets fiction


It sounds like that you are a thin but may have some belly fat that could contribute to a brazilian butt lift but you need to have other areas of fat to contribute to the fat transfer to the buttocks. Typically, fat is liposuction from the abdomen, love handles, outer thighs, back and inner thighs if available. The amount of fat needed to improve the shape and size of the buttocks varies from patient to patient. I have transferred fat volumes from 280 to 550 cc per buttock.

Unfortunately, transplanting fat from one person to another is not an ideal or acceptable method to improve the size and shape one's buttocks. Additional, methods of improving shape that could be used are buttocks implants and surgical tightening to loose skin to lift the buttocks (usually for patients that have lost massive amounts of weight).

I hope this clears up the questions you had.

Donor fat for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Unfortunately for now, the fat has to come from you. Your body will reject fat from someone else. Someday, we will probably be able to take some of your fat and grow it in a lab, producing more of it and then give it back to you. But, for now we have to work with what you've got.

I have three suggestions:
Be evaluated by a Plastic Surgeon with a lot of experience with the Brazilian Lift. I have found more than enough fat on women who thought or were told that they didn't have enough.

Secondly, if you are that thin, then a little fat added to a tiny frame can provide a reasonable increase in size. So, you actually may have enough at your current size.

My third suggestion (if neither of the above are correct in your situation) is to gain a few pounds. I know it's probably not something you would want to do, but it can be removed from just about any area that you gain it, and we will then have more fat to inject into your buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift - Where to get the fat?

Thanks for the question -

In our San Francisco area practice we perform Brazilian Butt Lifts regularly. We typically need at least 300-400 ccs of fat per butt cheek. This of course depends on the anatomy and the desired amount of contour augmentation.

People many times have more fat then they think they do. Areas that we look to help people improve include abdomen, flanks, and thighs.

A tool that may be helpful is calculating your BMI (body mass index). (Just google it, there are plenty of online tools, all you need is your height and your weight). If your BMI is over 25 you likely have adequate fat for transfer.

It is not currently possible to take fat from other people and use it to augment your own contours.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss this issue with you in detail.

I hope this helps!

Brazilian Butt Lift

You cannot use somebody else's fat as it will be rejected. You will need to use your own fat for a brazillian butt lift. The amount of fat needed for transfer will depend on your anatomical proportion and desired final size.

How much fat is necessary for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)? Can you use another individuals fat?

Thank you for your question.  The amount of fat that a patient will require for a BBL is highly dependent upon the patients current dimensions and what their goals and expectations of the BBL are.  There are times when 250cc is an appropriate amount for injection into each buttock, but often times the amount of fat necessary to meet the patient's expectation of the procedure and provide the best results are much, much more.  In most cases the limiting factor in a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is how much extra fat a patient has available for harvest via liposuction.  For these reasons, and because using fat from another individual is neither safe nor an approved method for the BBL, patients will often elect to remove fat from multiple areas of their bodies (i.e. abdomen, flanks, and inner and outer thighs) to provide enough fat for the autologous fat transfer.  

Since the requirements of a BBL procedure is highly variable from patient to patient, I would recommend consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the BBL procedure.  Realistic expectations are necessary and I would always suggest that patients bring photos to their consultation of results that are similar to what they are hoping to achieve with surgery.  I hope that you find this helpful and good luck!

How Much Fat is Needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift and Can You Use Fat from Other People?

Thank you for your question,

No, you can't use fat from anybody else not even family members, The amount of fat you have to liposuction will determine the amount of volume to be re-injected in your buttock. If you are very lean, then you may have a relatively small amount of fat to augment your buttock.

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No two patients are alike...

The amount of fat that’s needed for a brazilian butt lift in any particular patient is dependent upon their unique anatomic findings and specific aesthetic goals.In many patients, the rate limiting step in this procedure is the availability of donor sites for harvesting fat cells.Unfortunately, when these donor sites are inadequate, fat can’t be taken from another person. Under these circumstances, the fat will be rejected by your body and won’t survive.
Your description suggest that you have limited donor sites and depending upon your aesthetic goals this might represent a problem.Under these circumstances, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with experience performing this procedure would be helpful. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that represents the best option for you.

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