Brazilian Butt Lift for a Dancer?

How long will a Brazilian Butt Lift hold up for a very active dancer? Will the results from a butt lift be satisfactory for 10 years or so? Does the fat migrate over time? Will excessive dancing be a factor in how long this lift will look good? Or is gravity a factor for everyone, regardless of their fitness and activity?

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How long will a brazilian butt lift last?

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The Brazilian butt lift surgery will effectively transfer your fat cells to your buttock permanently.  You should have long term changes in your overall shape.  However, over the long term, the fat is subject to weight fluctations, as it would be if you didn't have surgery. 

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Brazilian Buttock lift

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Gravity is a factor for every one over time.

Brazilian Butt lift will hold for a long time once the fat has taken . will it hold for 10 years dont know. How any body part will hold in 10 years???????????????

If allowed the full time to heal 6-12 weeks it will hold and not migrate. NO DANCING FOR 12 WEEKS.

Samir Shureih, MD
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