Brazilian Butt Lift Cheeks Uneven but Still in Recovery So Will It Even Out?

It has been 17 days since my bbl and I just noticed that one of my cheeks is smaller than the other this just happened over nite the bigger one is still harder and swollen and I know its still early to tell but just wanted to see if this happened to anyone. W ill it even out over time or do you think that one side absorbed more fat than the other? Im trying not to let it bother me but I Cant help it. Any advice?

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Brazilian butt lift asymmetry

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During the first 3 months after your surgery, your buttock will be swollen. It is very common to see asymmetries throughout this recovery period. The swelling is very significant during the first months but it will settle slowly. It is almost universal that one part of your body is not completely symmetric. For example, one buttock is flatter on the side or it might be bigger than the other buttock before surgery. This is also very common with breast surgeries because one breast almost all the time has some significant asymmetries. I try to always match volume and form as best as I can, but you need to understand that your buttock will never be 100% the same.  Just like the breasts, they are sisters but not twins.

Buttocks Asymmetry after Brazilian But Lift

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It's way to early to tell.  It is most likely swelling, but you can never tell how much of the volume of your buttocks is swelling and how much of it is the fat cells that were transferred there.  Unless an asymmetric amount of fat was injected or something has happened to one of your buttocks cheeks since surgery that didn't happen to the other (such as laying on one side more than the other) then it is most likely just a normal variation that will improve as time progresses and your healing process is done.  It takes at least 2-3 months to see your final size.   

Brazilian Butt Lift Cheeks uneven 2 weeks after surgery

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Seeing uneveness 2 weeks after a Brazilian Butt Lift is not terribly provided that the buttocks were symmmetical and the same amount of fat was teransplanted into each cheek. If so then this asymmetry is most likely due to initial healing. Fat is generally absorbed symmetrically. If this difference persists 6 or more weeks after surgery you should consult with your plastic surgeon.

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