Brazilian Butt Lift with Buttock Implants

can u do braz. butt lift if i already have implants to add fullness where implants don;t reach...i need braz butt lift to give fullness where implnts dont reach such as feathering. been in for 3 years.totally healed...

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Brazilian Butt lift over existing implants

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Fat grafting can be perfromed over existing implants or surrounding the edges to feather the appearance. AS mentioned thiere is a possible concern with damaging or infectiing the implant depending on its composition. We generally prefer grafting the muscle but it is likely that the implant will interfere with this aspect. Injecting the skin may result in a lower rate of fat survival and the consequent  need for over-correction.

Fat can be added around existing implants.

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Yes. If you have the fat to donate to your buttocks, and enough thickness of tissue in the area where you want the more fat to accept the new fat, then it can be done. There is added risk of a lower percentage of fat survival due to the presence of the implant as well as the risk of infecting the current implants, but it can be done with good results in the right situation.

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