Brazilian Buttock Augmentation Vs. Butt Injection

Will the Brazilian Butt lift add sufficient volume and shape to the bottom? I know the fat injection will add volume but does it give shape also. Which one will give lift, shape, and sufficient volume to the buttocks?

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Buttock lift, Brazilian buttock lift, fat transfer

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A Brazilian buttock lift and fat transfer to the buttock are essentially the same thing. This involved liposuction of the lower back, sides(flanks), and sometimes abdomen to harvest and remove unwanted fat. Then, the fat is prepared and strained and only the pure fat (without blood or fluid) is injected deep into the gluteal area to provide a fuller look to the buttocks.

This not only creates a larger appearing buttock, but with the liposuction of the lower back and sides gives a very aesthetically appealing gluteal/lower back/waist line appearance.

The ideal patient for this procedure is someone who is in good health/shape but has a little extra fat; that fat is necessary in order to transfer it to the gluteal area.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is familiar with this procedure.

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What is a brazilian butt lift

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Thanks for the question!

Brazilian butt lift is a popular term for liposuction with autologous fat transfer to the buttocks. The benefit to this technique in comparison to a butt lift or butt implants are small scars with permanent improvement using your own tissue and the ability to contour other areas of your body (with liposuction).

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who is practiced in this procedure. Good luck!

Pump up the volume!

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Maybe this is what MARRS really had in mind. "Brazilian Butt Lift" refers to the technique of removing fat from the truncal area (abdomen, hips, flanks, back), processing it, and reinjecting it into the buttocks for a lifting and augmenting effect. With this procedure, fine sculpting can be performed to shape the buttocks because precise control is possible in the placement of the fat. The added volume of fat causes a lifting effect as well.

So, you can expect a shaping, lifting, and volumizing from this procedure. The final result is dependent on two factors: the trimming, sculpting and shaping of the waistline and hips with the liposuction; and the shaping and augmentation of the buttocks.

The unknown in Brazilian Butt Lifting is the amount of fat that "takes". We know that some percentage of the reinjected fat is absorbed by the body. The range is somewhere around 30-50%. It is somewhat dependent on the processing of the fat, the technique of injection and the individual patient's response to the fat that is reinjected.

For this reason, we try to overcorrect by 30%, if there is enough fat available. If there is not, or if a high percentage of the injected fat is absorbed, a second session surgery may be necessary. Sometimes, I recommend that my patients gain some weight before a second session if they don't have enough residual fat. Good luck!

Brazillian Buttock Lift is the same as Buttock Augmentation by Fat Injection

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I have had much experience with fat injection for Buttock Augmentation, or otherwise known as Brazillian Butt lift. There are several things that contribute to the achievement of good buttock projection. First, there needs to be enough fat injected in the buttock. Having reviewed many before-and-after pictures, I found that the major problem in not achieving this goal is lack of adequate volume of fat injection. It is not unusual to inject 800-1000 ccs of fat per cheek.

The second factor, is the softness of the buttock tissue, and if it will be able to accomodate the injected fat. There are patients that have a very thight buttocks which can not take much fat injection.

Finally, the shape of the buttocks is not only dependend on the amount of fat injection, but also on the sculpturing of the surrounding tissue. I have had patients that were able to achieve great buttock shape and form without fat injection, and just with liposculpturing of the surrounding tissue.

please review many before and after pictures of buttock augmentation to learn more about the different shapes available.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
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Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat injection (Lipoinjection) for Buttock Augmentation or Enlargement

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Much of this has been taken from an article I submitted to realself and is reproduced here for your convenience:

There has been much talk about the Brazilain Butt lift.

It is different from a traditional butt lift in which skin is removed from the lower back and the sagging buttock skin is lifted.

It is different from Buttock Augmentation which is typically performed with implants that are most commonly fabricated of silicone

This most commonly is referred to as buttock lipoinjection.

In my opinion, it is best to perform this procedure under general anesthesia due to the extensive nature of the injections and the need to inject deep into the buttocks muscle.

Some people ask if this can be performed with fillers to avoid obtaining the fat. However, due to the extesive volumes required, the cost would be prohibitive and the results would tend to be temporary. The following is a very brief overview of some of the available options. During the consultation we may determine that other procedures are better suited for your optimal outcome. The choice of material is a complex decision process requiring an evaluation of your desires, anatomy, practicality, and medical history. This is usually determined at the time of the initial consultation but may need to be adjusted at a later date.

Subcutaneous augmentation can be performed utilizing several different techniques and in the case of lipoinjection (fat injection) it may require multiple staged procedures.

The fat is aspirated from the abdomen, hips, flanks or thighs using a syringe or suction collection technique. The fat is then transferred to smaller syringes, usually after a process of purification, where it is injected into the desired areas.

The results are difficult to predict because "fat take" (the amount of fat which survives after being transferred) can vary anywhere from 20 to 80%. The success depends on several factors. It is like trying to predict how many seeds will sprout when you plant them in the ground.

Fat must be obtained from a donor site and therefore satisfactory quantity and quality of fat must be available. The procedure requires an anesthestic and may be performed in the office or surgicenter. On average, 50% of the injected fat will be absorbed but the fat which remains is permanent. Several operative sessions may be required to achieve the desired result.

Risks can occur regardless of surgeon or technique. These include but are not limited to: infection, hematoma, discomfort, asymmetry, undesirable effect on an associated muscles, overcorrection, under correction, pain, prolonged swelling, dimpling, fat necrosis, fibrosis, abscess formation, adverse medication reaction, allergic reaction, need for additional "touch up" injections, palpability, visibility, distortion with muscular contraction, need for secondary revisions, and inability to guarantee a specific cosmetic result.

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Depends on your anatomy

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Hi there,

Achieving the desired buttock contour is going to greatly depend on your exact goals, and on your anatomy. Increasing buttock projection and improving the shape of the buttocks are both possible through the Brazilian Butt Lift technique, but only if you have sufficient tissue available elsewhere for harvest. It takes a fair amount to produce the desired shape for most patients. If sufficient tissue is not available, implants may be a better option for you.

Not all butt injections are the same!

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Be careful when choosing a surgeon for this type of surgery. The success of this procedure is very dependent on the technique of the surgeon and the artistic eye of the surgeon. 

Before the surgery, go into detail with your surgeon about how much fat will be removed, how much will be available after processing and WHERE you would like it injected. Every patient is different and this fat needs to be placed strategically to accentuate your best assets. 

In our practice, we use software to morph the patient photos so that patients will get an idea of what they could like after surgery. This is also a crucial tool in planning the strategic placement of fat grafts.


Brazilian Butt Lift and Fat injections

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Brazilian butt lift usually refers to fat injection into the buttocks to create shape and fill of the buttocks. It is all technique dependent. The fullness can vary based upon the shape and size that you start with.

Steven Wallach, MD
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One and the Same

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A Brazilian Butt Lift and buttock injections are the same procedure. An experienced, ethical plastic surgeon won't just inject the fat without improving the volume and shape of your butt.

Brazilian Buttock Augmentation vs Butt injection

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A Brazilian Buttock Augmentation involves liposuctioning parts of your body such as your abdomen, flanks, back, and thighs in order to obtain fat that will be reinjected into your buttock. The fat that will be reinjected does two things; increase volume similar to what an implant does in the breast, and secondarily the fat will reshape the buttocks giving it a more pleasing contour.  So to answer your question, both liposuction and fat filling is required to provide lift, shape, and volume to your buttocks.

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