Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Implants?

I am a size 0/2, 5'2", 118lbs, and work out regularly. My hips are "square" and the lower portion of my butt is full and firm, but I cannot round out the top or sides with exercise. Would a Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Implants be a better choice? How much fat is needed for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Brazilian Butt Lift or implants?

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Hi there-

The amount of fat needed to achieve your goals for appearance would depend on your current examination and your desired appearance. We typically need at least 300-400 cc of fat per side, and often graft even more (up to 1000cc per side).

The only way to have your questions answered accurately and responsibly would be to visit with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area with a lot of experience in this procedure. Generally speaking, I do also think that if you can achieve your goals using your own fat that this is preferable, as it will look and feel like it always been your own but, and will not be associated with the risks of implants.

Brazialian Butt lift

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You may have some fat to lipo to contour you but I would likely say that it would not be enough. I am saying this based on what you have given us, but it would help if we had some pics. You likely need liposuction along with butt implants.

Now, the butt implants do have a higher rate of complications, atleast the implants that we have available in the U.S.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Butt implants v. Brazilian Butt Lift

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Which to get? This is a very common question in my practice. I tell my patients that either surgery is best complemented with significant liposuction to the hips waist abdomen back and thighs. This will ensure that you will get a beautiful curvy result overall. A Brazilian Butt lift works extremely well because it allows us to use the fact that is already being removed from that liposuction. It also allows us to sculpt the gluteal region and even out any asymmetries that you may have.

It is also an easier recovery for the patient then butt implants. If the patient does not have enough fat for the gluteal size that she has in mind we often recommend that she gain 10-15 pounds before the surgery. If the patient is extremely thin and weight gain is not a viable option but implants may be performed. The patient needs to keep in mind that a significant commitment on their part is necessary to prevent a postoperative infection and to achieve a successful result. But implants can be done successfully but they must be done very carefully and by surgeons with a great deal of experience.

For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or butt augmentation, please schedule an iConsult or visit us online at the link below.

Round Buttocks

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If you need liposuction around the hips, love handles, and thighs to shape your buttock and have enough fat, then a Brazilian Butt enhancement can help you.

If you do not have enough fat for transfer (1000-1500cc), then your other alternative is an implant or Dermis Fat Graft.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

In general I would recommend fat, not an implant

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Implant-related complications in this area can be a major problem, so my recommendation would be to use your own fat if possible-- it's by far the safer procedure.  Otherwise, I would be very careful and strongly consider whether or not you want the risk of an implant in this area.


Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Cost for a BBL?

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Cost factors vary significantly for a number of good reasons: Prices vary greatly because the surgery itself encompasses a wide range of techniques that can be performed to different extents. My recommendation is to first find the most qualified surgeons where you want the surgery performed that are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery you trust, then compare prices between them. See the below link on suggestions on how to find the most qualified plastic surgeon for your procedure. General Factors that influence the price of plastic surgery include:

1. Location - Will it be performed in a hospital with an overnight stay, an independent out- patient facility or a doctor’s office? Geographical location also has a significant influence. RealSelf has average charges for most areas of the USA.

2. Type of Anesthesia - local, IV sedation or General Anesthesia? Will a board certified anesthesiologist, nurse anesthetist, or an RN be used?            3. Experience and training of your surgeon. The best and longest trained is most often a plastic surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery           4. Length and Complexity of Surgery - how difficult will your surgery be and how long it will take, etc. Will other complementary procedures also be also performed during the same surgery?

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.