Brazilian Butt Lift Before Pregnancy? (photo)

I'm only 23 years old. I'm in a serious relationship and probably won't have a child until I'm 27 or 28. Would it be worth it to get a Brazilian Butt Lift before pregnancy? If I do, would the money spent on a BBL be thrown away? Say I get BBL, then I later on get pregnant- what effects would pregnancy have on my BBL? Or should I just increase the amount I exercise and diet hard core? I would like opinions before I make a decision. Height: 5'1" Weight: 119lbs Measurements: 34 - 27 - 37.5

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Fat grafting, weight changes, and pregnancy

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Great question and important consideration.  Contemplating liposuction of the abdomen, hips, and thighs is a much different decision than adding fat grafting to the mix here. I believe that liposuction alone of these areas would provide an outstanding result for you.
Remember that transplanted fat behaves like the donor site it was taken from.  Areas that change significantly in volume with weight loss and weight gain will continue to do so.  After pregnancy, many women will retain extra weight from their pre-pregnancy status. This could very significantly increase the size of your fat grafted buttock and not be to your liking. 
Since we are talking about 4 to 5 years here to pregnancy, I would defer to after pregnancy to add buttock fat grafting to any body contour surgery. 

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Lift Prior To Pregnancy

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I think a Brazilian Butt Lift would really improve your figure and I think you have selected appropriate desired after results.  Pregnancy should not affect the buttock result if you do not gain too much weight.  The effect on your stomach of pregnancy will depend upon how much weight you gain, how big the babies are, what age you have the pregnancy, your exercise habits afterwards, and your own unique genes.  Good luck.

BBL before pregnancy

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You can get a BBL now but usually pregnancy negatively affects your results. However, it is impossible to say how they will affect your results. Usually, pregnancy can cause fat and loose skin to accumulate in your midsection, expanding your waistline. It also could widen your hips. These are typical and may or may not occur to you. 

The only thing is that liposuction does reduce the number of fat cells you have in the treated area, so you'll be generally leaner with weight gain than if you don't have the surgery at all.

Ronald Levine, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Buttlift and Pregnancy

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  If you are planning on getting pregnant in the near future, I would wait to get the Brazilian buttlift.  You will likely have some residual fat after pregnancy that you will want to have sculpted.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Brazilian Butt Lift, candidate, pregnancy, weight gain

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These are important issues to consider.

Diet and exercise are always your best and first choice for obtaining and maintaining the figure that you dream of.

If you watch what you eat and continue exercise during pregnancy you can return to your previous shape and weight within months.

If you are planning to have a child in the near future I would wait.

If not enjoy the benefits obtained with the BBL.  If you take care of yourself the results will persisit after childbirth even with moderate weight gain.

Please consult in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.


Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Future pregnancy will not interfer with the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Liposuction of the abdomen and flanks and fat transfer to the but can be done any time you are ready for surgery.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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