Is It Possible to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift and Use Some of the Fat for Your Breast in One Surgery?

I really want to get a brazilian butt lift. Most likely t will be out of town. Instead of going back to get my breast done on a later date i was wondering if it is possible to get it done on the same day? would it render my results?

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I love the idea of using fat averywhere is needed

fat can be transfered securely anywhere you need it at the same time. myself i do not like to use fat to make breasts bigger i really prefer to use implants for that purpose. but yes, it can be done. i normally use fat for the butt and nasolabial folds.

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Brazilian Mommy Makeover

Fat transfer to the breasts during a Brazilian Butt Lift is a common procedure referred to as a Brazilian Mommy Makeover. It is important that you find an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in these two procedures to ensure the best results possible.


Jaime Perez, MD
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Fat injections for the butt and breasts

Fat injections to the buttocks as in a brazilian butt lift has become very popular, but fat injection to the breasts are not as popular because of the concerns with breast cancer detection.

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Fat Grafting to Breast and Buttocks

Performing breast surgery and body contouring at the same time is not an unusual request.  Performing BBL and breast surgery is another story in may opinion.  I have concerns of positioning/pressure on an operated area.  Secondly,performing fat grafting to the breast is not widely accepted as a standard of practice.  The main concern is that fat may affect mammogram readings and confound the  diagnosis of breast cancer.


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Fat grafting for the breast and buttocks in one surgery

It is absolutely possible to combine these procedures and would make the most sense if you are having fat harvested for fat grafting for the buttocks, of course it is important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in fat grafting procedures.  The actual techniques utilized can be discussed with your consulting surgeon to best customize the procedure to meet your goals.  good luck.


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BBL and fat transfer to the breast

From the technical point of view, doing the Brazilian Butt Lift and saving some of the fat to transfer to the breast is possible.If your surgeon is experienced to do the procedures.

Remember the preparation and processing of fat to be injected to the breast is totally different that that injected to the buttocks. experience and technique is important.

Make sure your surgeon is Board certified Plastic Surgeon (American Board of Plastic surgery) and the surgery is done in an accrideted facility.

Samir Shureih, MD
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