Can a Patient Still Get a Brazilian Butt Lift if Menstruating?

Though women are usually able to determine when their monthly flow will occur, mother nature is still rather unpredictable. If a women experiences her period during the recovery phase of a brazilian butt lift, will this affect her cleanliness? What if this occurs during or right before the procedure, will the doctor be able to perform?

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BBL and Menstrual Cycle

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A patient's menstrual cycle typically does not play a role in whether a patient can or cannot have a BBL surgery. The only situation this can play a role is patients who have historically had heavy periods. If you are one of those patients, please address this prior to surgery with your surgeon. Otherwise, this won't affect you candidacy for surgery.

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Brazilian butt lift And the menstrual period

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The Brazilian butt lift surgery does not necessarily need to be canceled because of the menstrual period. This does not put you at  a higher risk for infection. The only concern is a patient who may have heavy menstrual periods that could lead to anemia. This type of problem should be anticipated and dealt with prior to surgery.

Having your period at the time of surgery should not increase your risk of complications and it should be safe to proceed with your surgery.

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No Need to Cancel your Surgery if Menstruating

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Hi there-

There is no reason your cycle would complicate the operation or increase your risks.

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