Can I Have a Brazilian Butt Lift After Having a Regular Butt Lift?

I had a regular butt lift years ago and am extremely unhappy with the results! My butt is flat and has a very unsightly indentation where the scars are. I've been to several consultations to see what can be done about my butt scars/shape and most agreed I should get a Brazilian butt lift. They said I may need to recut the scars to release the scar tissue underneath to achieve a round shaped butt again. Do you think that will be necessary? Is this the best treatment to re-do my butt shape?

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Brazilian butt lift and buttocks scars

The Brazilian butt lift is definitely the procedure I could best improve your buttocks. This is because the injections can be placed where you need them and the procedure adjusted to each person's individual problem areas.

It may be possible to solve your problem without excising scars. I have done corrections in the past on patients who had previously had an excisional buttocks lift with scars in the crease the buttocks. Most these patients had flattening out of the bottom of the buttocks and the loss of the gluteal fold. The liposuction and fat injection in my cases were able to improve the problems without excising the old scars.

The case that proved to me that excising the scars was not necessary was a correction of the patient who had bilateral free gluteal flap breast reconstruction. This is a procedure using microsurgery where the skin and the fat from the buttocks is surgically removed and used to make a new breast. The problem with this procedure is it leaves bad scars on the buttocks and severely deforms the shape of the buttocks. I was able to make a remarkable improvement in her figure and the shape of the buttocks with the fat injection alone.  Returning the shape of her buttocks to a normal appearing buttocks. This was done without  excising the old scars.

Because of this extreme case I believe  you may be able to solve your problem without excision of the scars.

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Too much skin for a Brazilian butt lift

It is not uncommon to have a flat butt after a traditional buttock lift where excess skin is removed unless tissue preservation is done to provide some auto augmentation. When a patient has significant butt sagginess,  typically, it is a result of weight loss.  Although the butt projection can be improved with this technique, the results are not as dramatic as the fat transfer procedure.

If a patient has a lot of excess skin, the Brazilian butt lift will not be the solution to improve the aesthetics of the buttock. You need to have the excess skin removed first; then, a fat transfer procedure to augment the buttocks and provide some volume.  The Brazilian butt lift will not “lift” your buttocks to an acceptable cosmetics outcome unless the sagginess is mild.

Wilberto Cortes, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Brazillian butt lift

It depends on how much can be harvested and what your expectations are. The fact that you  had a traditional butt lift should not influence the result one way or the other. consult a board certified plastic surgeon who's done  a ton of brazillian butt lifts and she or he will answer your question.

Ayman Hakki, MD
Waldorf Plastic Surgeon
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Brazilian Butt Augmentation is Probably your Best Bet

Hi there-

In most patients who need a buttock lift, the buttocks are saggy and the tissues thinned, giving the butt a flat and square appearance with poor projection and roundness.

A traditional buttock lift is necessary to manage the excess skin and elevate the buttocks, but will not give the roundness and fulness many women want. So, in other words, it wouldn't be fair for you to expect to have gotten these things from your traditional buttock lift. 

In patients like yourself, I usually PLAN to perform both a traditional buttock lift, followed by a Brazilian Butt Lift a few months later. There is also a technique where the tissue removed during the traditional lift can be used to augment the butt, but this would no longer be available to you.

So the answer to your question is yes- a Brazilian Butt Lift is your best bet, provided you are a good candidate for the procedure. 

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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