I've Gained Weight For a Brazilian Butt Augmentation, Will It Come Off Fast Post-Op?

I went to a consultation last month in Beverly hills, the doctor said he wouldn't perform the brazilian augmentation for me due to the lack of fat. When I went in I was at 120 he told me to gain 20lbs and he'll do it he said that 20lbs won't even give him the 5 liters of fat that he needs. right now I'm at 130. So now I'm wondering if just as fast as I gained that weight will I loose it that fast since i gained it in so little time? Also at work I can only get a week off. Will that be enough?

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Weight loss after Brazilian Butt Lift

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There are two schools of though on this. Some docs tell people to gain weight some say stay the same. I tell patients both. I will explain.

1. If you are thin and do not have enough fat , I tell patients to gain. Most people gain and lose weight based on the fit of their clothes, not the scale, so if you gain weight and it is re-distribuited in the rear, i.e.Brazilian Butt Lift, you will maintain that weight without issue

2. If you have enough fat already, the surgery will just distribute it to the proper place and there is no need to gain weight, in fact I tel patients not to.

A very simple algorithm, but it works well.

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Too Thin for the Brazililan Butt Lift..... Just Gain Some Weight

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You will hear different opinions on the subject of gaining weight to be able to have the Brazilian Butt Lift.  Here is mine.
Fat cells are a storage area.  When you gain weight, they get larger as they store more fat.  As you lose weight, they get smaller. There are theories that some fat cells are more active in this process than others and that they maintain this quality even after transfer.  Therefore if you transfer fat cells that gain weight easily, then they will do the same thing once in your buttocks. 
I tell all of my thin patient who want the BBL that gaining weight is an option.  But, I also tell them that they need to maintain that weight after surgery.  Because if you lose weight after surgery then all of those nice plump fat cells I place in your buttocks will shrink!  The nice thing about the weight gain however is that just about anywhere you gain the weight, can be liposuctioned to make it smaller and transfer this fat to your buttocks. Also, you may gain some in your buttocks which will help the cause as well. Many of these thin women are also happy about the effects of this weight gain on their breasts.      I have hd many women do this and it works beautifully! 

Weight gain before a brazilian buttock lift

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Some patients do need to gain weight prior to a fat transfer to the buttock (Brazilian buttock lift) in order to have a better outcome. Gaining 20 pounds seems a bit excessive and I imagine it will take you longer to lose the weight after your surgery. Although you will be losing some of the weight through the actual liposuction, you will certainly not lose all of the recently gained weight. I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in depth evaluation if you still have concerns. A week off from work to recover may be enough, however, most patients feel more comfortable with closer to two weeks off.  Best wishes, Dr.Bruno



William Bruno, MD
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I strongly advise against gaining weigh for butt lift

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Many doctors will tell you to gain wight so that you have enough fat to transfer during a brazilian butt lift. While this may sound like good advice, I strongly recommend against it. The fat that appears after you gain 20 pounds is very metabolically active - it came quickly, so it will disappear quickly. After this fat is transferred to your butt, it may disappear, leaving you with little improvement. I prefer using fat that is metabolically stable, meaning that it doesn't change much with weight changes. I would specifically discuss this possibility with your surgeon.

Losing weight after surgery

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Losing weight can be more difficult than gaining it, but you'll be pleased to know that because of the liposuction and moving the excess fat to your buttocks, the donor area won't be as large as you thought. 

You should really get 2 weeks off from work because you won't want to be sitting directly on your buttocks. Talk to your surgeon about this.

Ronald Levine, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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